Inner Summer: Dripping Sweet Moon Juice

Have you ever wondered about that white fluid that drips from your yoni? 

Last inner summer (days 12-19) I woke up with a stream of white fluid dripping down my inner thighs and a heaviness in my pelvic bowl. 
Only 2 years ago, the sight and feeling of this liquid would have shocked and maybe even repulsed me. 

Today, I recognize it as the sweet nectar of my womb,
the very juice of life,
my moon juice. 

So what is this moon juice? 
It’s actually fluid from your cervix (the opening of the womb), and it too has its own dance and rhythm within the menstrual cycle. This sometimes thin and white, and other times sticky and clear discharge indicates fertility or, in other words, your health and vibrancy as a cycling human with a womb. 

You may begin noticing it dotting your underwear in the inner springtime (days 6-11),  but when it gets really juicy is in the inner summer around the time of ovulation – the peak of your fertility. By inner autumn (days 21-28) it will almost completely dry up as your body prepares for the release of menstruation, or the nurturance of a newly fertilized egg. 

The presence of this moon juice is a signal of your immense power! It is the sweet nectar that attracts the bee, the plump dew drop that nourishes the fertile earth, the milk of life itself. 

Your moon juice guards the health and wellbeing of your whole yoni system. It is like the liquid gatekeeper that keeps your yoni hydrated and clear of any excess bacteria, while welcoming any potential sperm to the gateway of your fertile ground. In your inner summertime specifically, this moon juice fuels and nourishes your pleasure body by softening and lubricating the walls of your womb root; you are quite literally dripping in pleasure and delight.

Your moon juice is not dirty,
and it is not shameful or repulsive.

Your moon juice, like your menstrual blood, is a symbol of your power, straight from the source of life and the Creatix itself. Our ancestors would dance in celebration of this moon juice. They would circle their hips, stomp their feet on the earth and sing in praise of this sweet nectar. This remembrance lives in our bones and in our blood. 

So, the next time you feel that gush of moon juice, rejoice!
And if you’re looking to conceive, you can thank your yoni for a very clear (and sticky!) signal of that precious fertile window.


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