Feminine Yoga

Feminine Yoga

Flourish in All Seasons of Life

Live Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 am est
*Available on Playback

You are designed to feel good in your body,
At home in your feminine design.
This knowing is where we begin.

Feminine Yoga is a weekly class:
– to ground into yourself and explore the beautiful design and range of your body.
-to help nourish and regulate your energy and emotions.
– to tune in and explore your soft & cyclical nature with cycle sensitive practices.
– to connect with your creative core for a vibrant life on & off of the yoga mat.

Feminine Yoga is a flowing spiral in a culture of rigid lines; a dose of healing inner presence; a space to be held and to welcome your body; a return to your sacred home.

I’ve personally witnessed dozens of womben experience tangible enhancements in their relationships with self & others and their creative work through connecting to their wild inner Feminine.

These are sweet & simple grassroots practices; essentials for us to stay rooted, intuitive and flowing through all seasons and cycles of life.

Explore & nourish your inner Feminine landscape with self love practices. 

Essential connections are made with:
The Feminine container / pelvic bowl
Womb & creative cycles
Embodied presence
Subtle energy


This is an essentials, grassroots practice for womben in all stages of life.

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Live practices take place on Wednesdays
from 10:00-11:00 am est.