Activate Your Inner Goddess

You deserve the true self care that honouring your cycle brings. ♥

Begin the journey to:
– more harmonious cycles & balanced energy levels
– enhanced creativity and natural fertility
– a positive relationship with your body and sacred blood
– discovering your true core confidence and accessing your root wisdom

through menstrual cycle awareness

We’ll cover:
– essentials of cycle mapping + how it works
– the different phases of your cycle and how to care for yourself in each one
– the most potent self care ritual for cycling womben + where to begin

Are you ready to tap into the medicine and magic of your cycle?

“this masterclass is everything you need to know to begin a journey of womb wellness and self discovery through menstrual cycle awareness.”

Register and:
– receive a link to the free menstrual cycle mapping masterclass
– receive a recording of the class to watch on your own time
– Live only Q&A (to protect your privacy)
+ BONUS: registrants receive a free cycle self care guide PDF

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Why Menstrual Cycle Awareness?

Put simply, a womban’s full expression is rooted in her connection to her pelvic bowl.

Every aspect of your being is touched by the ripples of your womb,

either in a way that feels fulfilling, or a way that feels somehow ‘off.’

Menstrual cycle awareness turns you back on.

It is the simplest, most easeful way of harmonizing our lives
with the experience of our wombs, reaping our feminine powers and
the benefits of being fully womban.

Every one of us should have this knowledge.

See you there!

Love Jaylyn

Your Cycle Guide