When do you think is the best time to start your new project, take that big risk or try something brand new?  
Maybe you guessed it: inner spring! (roughly days 5-12 of your cycle).

The menstrual cycle is designed by nature, and nature’s designs are flawlessly intelligent, sensitive and responsive.

This means that, if we choose to consciously work with the rhythm of our cycle, we will not only feel a whole lot better (less burn out, more creative juices!), but we will find ourselves breaking down limitation after limitation, expanding in ways that we only once imagined. 

In short, we work with nature to fully grow into who we were meant to become. We give the bud a chance to fully blossom in its brilliance. 

All plant beings, animal beings and even mineral beings work with nature’s creative process. There is an innate intelligence – an instinct, perhaps – that sends information to us living beings to tell us when it is time to draw in and rest, and when it is time to burst forth and blossom.  

Being in harmony with this divine design might take a bit of re-learning, or re-membering.
 Testosterone rises throughout the follicular phase (inner spring) and will peak near ovulation (inner summer). 
Testosterone is nature’s get up and go juice. It is masculine and yang by nature. When testosterone is high in an individual, they tend to be very forth right, fearless (sometimes with a cost) and highly active.

High levels of testosterone can also lead to over-competitiveness and aggression, especially if its not channeled consciously. 

So, what to do with this natural shot of confidence juice? 

Why not channel that upsurge in energy toward a new project, a new endeavour…something you have been wanting to try but have been talking yourself out of. 

Fear of vulnerability holding you back? Let the inner springtime testosterone boost coat your identity with a nice thick layer of self-esteem and foolhardiness. 

This doesn’t mean that you won’t try something and fail miserably at it. Its just that, if you do fall flat, you’re less likely to care. If you can keep an open mind of playfulness (remember younger you coming alive at this time?) you’ll remember that falling is part of the process! 

Be mindful not to put yourself into harsh environments, though. Remember, the sprout is resilient and gains strength through adversity, but its still tender and in need of necessary shelter and nurturance. It’s all about the balance. 

Directing this upsurge in energy towards our own passions, desires and visions is a sure way to not only supercharge your feel-good hormones, but also to keep your mood balanced and feelings of aggression at bay. Have fun with yourself! Let yourself play and explore. You might just discover something brand new, or reignite an old flame (not talking about exes here but I guess that’s a possibility too lol)
If you are able to stay courageous and focused on your deepest desires at this time, you’ll be celebrating come summer and giving gratitude for an abundant cycle come autumn. It all works in one beautiful contiuum of You. 

And if you’re still looking for that permission slip, here it is:
take the leap! 
All my Love,

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