Inner Spring: Power of Play

Play with a young person for an afternoon and you’ll find that a whole day has passed in the present moment.
Children are expert players. They don’t arrive to the play with a bag of expectations, motives, incentives or internal pressures. They just play. 

The naturally arising playful energy that arises in the inner springtime is one of the most underrated powers of our cycle. Your inner child really comes to life in this season, and she has much to show you about the wonder and excitement of the new cycle ahead.

Perhaps we glide over this playfulness to keep our attention on what feels ‘important’ or ‘productive.’ Perhaps we miss it all together as its buried under a heap of learned perfectionism. Or maybe you feel really connected to your playful self. 

Whatever the case, and wherever you may be in your relationship to your own playful self, I’m writing this to remind you (and me) of something very very important: 

When we play we discover something new about life, about ourselves.

The irony is, while we run around distracted with our important adult-y tasks, leaving just smidgens of time here and there for ourselves to let go into play, we miss out on the true power engine and foundation for our creativity. 

Instead, when we throw out the agendas and we let ourselves enter the moment fully, to explore our intuitive selves and listen with our hearts to what calls for us even if we are no good at it, we reconnect to something much much deeper than our limited expectations and ideas about what is possible for us.

We reconnect to the imagination, the potential and the innocent openness that was available to us as children, and has always been available to us, so long as we remember how to listen. These are the powers of the inner springtime.

There is a voice within you that gently guides you to new terrain. Trust those intuitive nudges. This is your internal guidance system, and it is coming from a Source of wisdom and intelligence that can See much farther, much broader, much deeper than you can see with your physical eyes alone. 

This inner spring, gift yourself time to play. All that is required is that you carve out some open space for yourself to listen to what is gently (or sometimes strongly) pulling on you to come explore. 

You may have to re-introduce yourself to play. Maybe it’s been years since you gave yourself time to do something without expecting anything to come of it!

But this is the true beauty of menstrual cycle awareness: each cycle works you and invites you to understand yourself in ever-deepening ways. Most of the ‘work’ that is done is really a remembrance and a reclamation of pieces of yourself you were told were unimportant, not valuable, not productive or useful in the ‘real world.’

I’m here to remind you that there is no such thing as the ‘real world.’ There is only the world that you are creating, and being called to co-create with others. Life can really be that fun and playful. We just have to be willing to let go a little bit…and maybe to be shit at something and remember how to laugh…to not take ourselves so seriously.

Maybe I’m just writing this because it’s what I need to hear. 

Either way, enjoy yourself and play! If you’d like, you can set an intention in the next inner winter to listen to your internal guidance system when it speaks to you in the language of fun and joy. You won’t regret it.

All my Love,

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