Inner Winter: Surrender to Your Calls


2: Answer Your Calls

All around (and within me) I see the learned (not natural) shame that tells us we should pretend as if we don’t bleed, and carry on business as usual as if we aren’t half a second away from a physic slip or a deep sleep…
It’s quite bizarre, the way we have been taught to keep hidden this process that affects us on every level of our being.
I see us receiving these very loud calls in and around the inner winter, with very little context on how to answer those calls and (worse) the misinformation that those calls are to be expected, simply the curse of womanhood, and we should just take a pill and shut up about it because no one really knows why periods suck so much.
Here’s what’s possible instead: a person with a womb receives the inner calls, answers the inner call, heals herself through her own awareness + self-respect, and is evolved physically, emotionally + spiritually because of it.

That is the level of empowerment that is available to us now. No gimmicks, no quick-fixes, no more running to the white-coat person to ask what to do (because they don’t know, only you know).

And how do you know? Because you are listening to the calls.
Where are you being pulled? Drawn towards? Redirected? Guided?

So here it is sister, here is your permission slip for this inner winter: 
Answer your calls
Trust yourself, and you will learn the art of surrender.
It is the surrender that reinitiates you, evolves you,
Re-connects you to your innate power, wisdom and healing resonance.

The inner winter is often loaded with inner calls: to rest, to be in solitude, to reflect, to sleep, to eat well + think less
and if we’ve been listening well throughout the whole cycle (as in a menstrual cycle awareness practice) you will have begun noticing those inner calls ringing in the inner autumn – paving the way for a smooth and graceful transition into winter.
I ask you: what is your biggest pain point with your cycle? And how might it be to answer that call?
In my experience, a person’s pain point is often the gateway to their biggest POWER point.
But we must surrender to the call,
We must re-learn to radically honour ourselves in a world that moves at a pace with no mind to the natural, cyclical rhythms unfolding within you this very moment,
This very breath.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,
To create the world that moves wisely, harmoniously, compassionately
And it begins with You.
Here is how we transform menstruation from shameful to sacred: we stop pretending (in all of the ways that we pretend) and we surrender to our own calls to hear the wisdom of our bodies, so that we may emerge from our bleedtime wiser, stronger + more at ease with our Purpose.
You are powerful beyond belief, dear sister.
May these lunar tides wash away our collective fears and bring us back into the flow and rhythm of Love.
You did not come here to be in pain,
and you are not alone.
All my Love,

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