Menstrual Doulaship

1:1 Menstrual Doulaship reconnects you to your deep Feminine power through supportive awareness practices, rituals & herbalism

I've been consciously aligning with my cycle for some time now...

and can honestly say it has been completely transformative & empowering. I have witnessed these rituals & discussions open myself & womxn up time & time again to their own cyclical wisdom. To be seen, supported & acknowledged in this process is the healing power of Menstrual Doulaship.

Realigning with our cycle is a return to Feminine embodied spirituality

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An Intuitive Approach to Healing...

Open Discussion

to decode your experience & give power to your truth


to honour each phase of the cycle as a complete experience that is an integral part of the whole

Simple integrative practices

for re-embodying this ancient blood wisdom

Prayer of Reconnection

           Thank you Mā, I am so grateful for this life.

            I am so grateful for this body, and to be here on the body of the Earth.

        Thank you for the space that holds me,

     The air that moves me,

    The cycles that move through me,

  Thank you for the fire that transforms & warms,

 For the waters that nourish & renew me,

 And for your very body, which roots me into my being,

My Womb Root.

Jai Mā!

Ready to Reclaim Your Cyclical Power?