Live Saturday Morning Practices

Next Live Practice:
Saturday January 22nd
9:30-10:30 am
Suggested payment $15

Booking instructions:
You will receive the password to the live practice upon booking,
so please register at least 1 hour in advance. When you’re ready to join, click the button below or access Zoom link through your confirmation email.
*A recording of the practice will be available.

A direct approach to relieve stress & overwhelm
through reconnecting to your wild nature.

In Nourish Your Nature practices, you are guided through a joyful and empowering experience that also teaches you how to feel and read the language of energy. This is a direct approach to drop out of stress, overstimulation and emotional overwhelm, and return to ease, receptivity and clarity.

You’ll Be Guided Through Working With:

𓇬 Mudra to still the waves of the mind and enter a space of receptivity.
𓇬 Breath Practices for clearing and refreshing your energy field.
𓇬 Natural movements that feed and strengthen the wild body.
𓇬 Guided Meditation for cultivating your relationship to self and inner guidance.
𓇬 Visualization to enhance your vibration through your own direct experience.


Breathe Well, Move Well, Live in Harmony

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My Pledge to You

❊ To liberate the practices of yoga, yoga nidra + ritual to nourish, empower and uplift you
❊ To guide all spiritual seekers back home to their natural cyclical wisdom – the rhythm of our bodies & the rhythm of the earth

❊ To reclaim the yoni as a sacred centre of creativity, nurturance & power 
❊ To reconnect to the earth + elemental rhythms
❊ To create a warm + inclusive community of support