The inner(swim) circle

What is it?

The inner(swim) circle is an online studio platform where you can receive full access to live classes, recorded practice videos and women’s wellness resources with Jaylyn, all for your health, harmony + liberation

This circle is on Patreon, a subscription-based virtual studio for creators to openly share content with you with ease + security. There are 3 unique inner(swim)  circle memberships for you to choose from.

My Pledge to

❊ To liberate the practices of yoga, yoga nidra + ritual to nourish, empower and uplift you
❊ To guide all spiritual seekers back home to their natural cyclical wisdom – the rhythm of our bodies & the rhythm of the earth

❊ To reclaim the yoni as a sacred centre of creativity, nurturance & power 
❊ To reconnect to the earth + elemental rhythms
❊ To create a warm + inclusive community of support

Ask me anything:

'See' You in the Circle!