1:1 Programs

1 on 1 sessions & programs

For your personal healing & expansion

Who Are They For?

These 1:1 sessions & programs are practical and accessible,
intuitive and effective,
Essentials for every woman in all seasons and cycles of life.
Especially those who are:

Pregnant or Post-partum
On a fertility journey
Interested in womb wisdom
Wanting a more fulfilling and loving relationship with self & body
Interested in holistic healing & learning
Feel they are energy sensitive and are overwhelmed or curious.

We’ll dive deep into your heart & body wisdom
for your health, healing & expansion.

What to expect

A personalized meeting or program with your mentor, Jaylyn.
Think of it like a loving exploration into you

We can customize a single session or program to suit your needs & desires. You will be deeply heard & listened to, exploring essential practices & receiving holistic support.

Or you may choose one of the set programs that are designed to re-initiate you into the wild feminine ways, providing support & guidance for particular times in your life.

The Programs (1-3 months):
Menstrual Cycle Mentorship
Holistic Fertility Support
Pregnancy Yoga Program
Pelvic Care Program
Energy Healing

For your health, harmony & expansion

Where will my sessions take place?

Virtually (via Zoom) or in-person
at Cave of the Heart Holistic Center, 532 Chilver Rd, Windsor ON.
Whatever works best for you.
My in-person hours are Mondays & Fridays 12:00-5:00 pm
and virtual hours Tuesday-Saturday.

Once you book your consultation I will be in touch via email or phone.

About the Programs (1-3 months)

Private Programs are in service to womben and cyclical beings, energy sensitives, yoga teachers and all who are seeking a more harmonious relationship with self through body & energy healing.

To Book

Please fill out the application form below before you go through the booking process.

Once I receive your application, I’ll be in touch with you about the next steps.

I look forward to hearing from you!