Full Moon Bath Yoga Nidra | Full Audio Download (37 min)



The practice below is a full moon bath Yoga Nidra.
Yoga Nidra is, simply put, a guided form of deep meditative rest.
The ‘inner’ moon bath has been created with the intention to bless your whole being with the healing + nourishing light of the full moon.

We sometimes experience irregularities or absences in our menstrual cycle rhythm.Since our cycles are so intimately connected with the moon’s cycle, one of the best and most magical tips for supporting the health of our inner rhythm is to allow ourselves to be bathed in moonlight.

Let grandmother moon guide you back into your natural rhythm,
your wild state,
with full trust in the cyclical wisdoms of Life
and how they manifest in You.

Suggestions for your practice:
Find a quiet space, a warm blanket + some space for yourself to enter a time of deep rest and restoration.
There are no ‘rules’ to this practice. Simply to be in it is more than enough.

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