Inner Vision Quest Wintery Yoga Nidra | Full Audio Download (20 min)



This is a recording of the Nidra I submitted for my certification to become a Total Yoga Nidra Facilitator. It is intended to connect the listener to themes and energies of winter: spacious, quiet, still + visionary. ♥🕸🌬

The training began in November 2020, when winter was just settling in. I feel that mother nature co-created this Nidra with me (as she always does) because it was so inspired by the energy she brought, and that I was able to connect with again like I did as a child. Greater presence was one of the gifts that she offered me this season.

Now that winter is drawing to a close, practicing this Nidra under our new moon can be a beautiful practice and ritual to commemorate all that this magical season of rest has gifted us. Hers is an energy we can connect in with at any time for expansion and nourishment.

It includes an inner starlight rotation and psychic nadi shodhana for cultivating inner stillness + clarity.

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