Pre Natal Pelvic Care 4 Week Program



Welcome to Pre Natal Pelvic Care!

The intention of this program is to nourish, empower and invigorate pregnant mamas to be
through mindful movement, guided meditations and restorative practices. ♥

No matter how or where you are in your pregnancy journey.


In this 4 week virtual program you can expect:
ꕥ Increased body awareness and positivity through mindful movement
ꕥ Better energy flow through feet, legs, pelvic bowl and spine
ꕥ Enhanced understanding of feminine energetics
ꕥ Fun and simple rituals and practices to take with you
ꕥ Decrease in stress through guided meditations, restorative practices and heart-centered conversation
ꕥ Quiet time to bond and be with your baby

The pelvic bowl is the root of your body; it’s vitality and alignment are incredibly important during pregnancy.

Taking care of our pelvic bowl – and the whole body – does not have to be complicated or difficult to achieve.
This 4 week program is all about true self care during one of the most precious times in your life.

Outline of the Program

Live Practices Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 pm EST.
Recordings will be made available.

*By applying for the Pre Natal Pelvic Care program you are taking full responsibility for your health leading up to, during and following the program with Jaylyn.

If you have any questions leading up to or during the program, please feel free to reach out: [email protected]

Jai Ma!