1:1 Single Session

Who are they for?

1:1 Sessions are in service to women and cyclical beings, 
energy sensitives, yoga teachers and all humans who are
seeking a more harmonious relationship
with self, others and nature.

What Exactly is a 1:1 Single Session?

A 1:1 Session is a virtual or in-person meeting with your mentor, (me!) Jaylyn.
Think of it like a yoga class or healing service that is totally tailored to you personally.
We can discuss and dive into any area of focus that you choose,
You can ask me to read your energy and intuitively feel into
what might best benefit you.

I offer services in:
Yoga & Yoga Therapy for Women
Yoga Nidra & Meditation
Menstrual Cycle Medicine
Subtle Body Energy Work
Yoga Teacher Support
Holistic Herbalism

For your health, harmony & expansion

About the Services

Yoga is the art of living well and living fully.
Dive into and develop skills in this ancient healing modality for cultivating a strong and balanced body and mind.
Jaylyn offers 1:1 sessions in Hatha Yoga for balancing energies in the body,
yin yoga for deep tissue release and joint care and
Shakti Yoga for blending subtle body energy work with natural movement.

Learn and develop skills and practices for nourishing Feminine energy at all stages of life:
blending yoga with menstrual cycle health and awareness, yoga for seeking to conceive, yoga for general womb health, 
post-natal healing, pelvic bowl revitalization and more.

The menstrual cycle is an intelligent, cyclical movement of life force energy that affects us on the physical,
mental/emotional and even spiritual level. It is your unique expression of Feminine energy.
In a 1:1 MC Medicine session we dive into your experience with your cycle as a whole, so that you can start
to develop a real relationship with your power and better understand your unique nature.

Bringing a loving awareness to our menstrual cycle is a daily meditation that has a medicinal and evolutionary effect.

Are you chronically stressed, fatigued or burnt out? Struggling with hardened emotions, numbness, difficulty sleeping?
Yoga Nidra & Meditation may be just the practice for you.
In a 1:1 Nidra & Meditation session, you’ll be guided into a deep place of rest and presence
within yourself, and emerge feeling lighter, more connected and more at ease.
Release layers of tension and stress while nourishing your being on all levels through this effortless rest practice.

Work with elemental energies in a skillful way and develop real tools for:
– Clearing your energy field
– Strengthening your auric energy field
– Identifying blocked or foreign energies
– Feeling your own authentic energy
– Developing energetic boundaries
+ more

Work with your light body for energetic expansion and develop a deeper
relationship with your inner guidance system, or intuition.

Jaylyn works with yoga teachers who have taken their training but still feel there are some missing pieces to the puzzle,
yoga teachers who have a special interest in yoga for women and subtle body energy work,
and aspiring yoga teachers seeking guidance along this noble path.
There is a wise, skillful and confident teacher within you! And I can help you to get in touch with her.

The plant world is medicinal to us on a physical and emotional level. 
Bring your needs and desires to our 1:1 Holistic Herbalism session and we will match you with
the holistic practices and plants that are right for you at this time.
Learn how to develop a real, full-bodied, intuitive relationship with the earth and her beings.

To Book

Please fill out the application form below before you go through the booking process.

Once I receive your application, I’ll be in touch with you about the next steps.

I look forward to hearing from you!