1:1 Wild Womban Mentorship

1:1 Wild Womban Mentorship

What if you could feel truly free and powerful in the life you already have? Somehow, somewhere along the way, you got caught up in what others wanted from you, needed from you, expected of you...You long to return home in your body and in your wild, Feminine spirit...

I see you dear one, and you’re not alone.
Women are statistically seen to have higher rates of chronic stress and overwhelm.

Living with chronic stress, emotional overwhelm or numbness means we have difficulty expressing our authentic selves, often experience creative + energetic blocks that keep us feeling ‘stuck’ in life and experience fear around sharing our unique gifts with the world.

The stress and numbness that live in our body are also at the root of many of our womb illnesses, cycle difficulties and low self-esteem.

I created the Wild Womban Mentorship to change this sad truth. You did not come here to simply make it through. You came here to  create your life. 

You are designed to thrive
and I can guide you to discover how in just 3 months with skills to last you a lifetime

A womban who is disconnected from her wild Feminine power risks moving through life on auto-pilot, feeling disempowered, overwhelmed, disconnected from her body and, ultimately, unable to fulfill her true purpose in this lifetime.

If you feel these words resonating in your body or your heart, then you are ready to unleash your inner wildness and finally feel truly self-confident, deeply powerful and harmonious again.


I welcome you back home to your creative + intuitive power in the Wild Womban Mentorship! This is the only mentorship program of its kind that combines practical Feminine body work, menstrual cycle medicine, conscious energy work + holistic herbalism for a complete transformational journey.


This mentorship is for you if any of the following words resonate:

– You have an interest in your transformation and evolution
– You experience chronic stress, fatigue or overwhelm
– You’ve always felt a bit ‘out of place’ or misunderstood in the world and are deeply frustrated or saddened by this
– You tend to absorb the energy of others and your environment and struggle with boundaries
– You know yourself to be a creative + intuitive person, even if you’re not really clear on what that means for you right now
– You experience menstrual cycle difficulties or other physical and emotional challenges related to your womb space
– You feel yourself carrying heavy emotional baggage that you would love to finally set down or clear out
– You love the earth & long to feel closer to her but struggle with this in a modern technological world

– You find yourself envisioning powerful new ways of being or working in the world but are unsure how to manifest them
– You have an interest in yoga for women’s wellness
– You want to improve your relationships and be able to fully show up in them for the people you love 
– You are receiving ‘inner calls’ to courageously walk the path of your heart’s desire, but would love to feel more resourced and supported for the journey
– You consider yourself a seeker and are looking for ways to spiritually and energetically expand your horizons and comfortably stretch your sense of self
– You are a highly sensitive person who would love to learn ways to transform this trait into a powerful gift
You’re not sure why, but you’re just feeling a ‘yes’

What if you could harmonize your life…without having to change it?

1:1 Wild Womban Mentorship

A 3 month journey for the woman who is ready to evolve & develop an authnetic  foundation of yogic, energetic and herbal skills & tools that will feed her wild power and endure a lifetime

You will intuitively develop lifelong practices, tools and skills like:
Therapeutic Well Woman Yoga to practically support and nourish your female body at all stages,
bring balance to your inner rhythm and cultivate creativity & intuition 


Mindfulness tools to bring you into a calm state of inner awareness so that you can recognize
where you are stuck and feel resourced to support yourself moment by moment


Subtle Body Energy Work to clear blockages, stagnant energy and foreign energies that hold you back
so that you can return home to your authentic vibration and live who you are now, not who you were


Guided Meditative Rest (Yoga Nidra) for effortless stabilization of your mental and emotional systems,
rejuvenation of your creativity and unravelling of chronic stress and fatigue


Menstrual Cycle Decoding & Womb Wisdom Keys for developing awareness and mindfulness of your energetic
rhythms and attuning your Feminine energy so that you can live in full power


Holistic Herbalism + Ayurvedic principles for building a real relationship with the healing plant world
in a way that is relevant for you, and enjoy their positive benefits as you learn through guided experience


Song and ritual for reconnecting to your innate, wild and sacred self to heal your spirit
and rediscover your larger purpose here in this lifetime 

I welcome you back to Inner Harmony!

My name is Jaylyn Bernachi and I have spent the past 8 years diving deeply into the subjects of yoga, energy work and women’s wellness. It all began with a desire to heal my own emotional wounds, menstrual cycle difficulties and chronic overwhelm. I now share with you the very tools that I have found to be the most effective in alchemizing our experience as women and liberate our true power.
The Wild Womban Mentorship combines all of my experience, skill and heart wrapped up into one completely transformational program

In the Wild Womban mentorship, we dive into the womb as the source of our wild + creative Feminine power, the heart as source of our intuition, and our relationship to the earth as the foundation for our nourishment.

You will develop practical and intuitive tools + skills for awakening awareness, clearing blockages and remembering your unique powers and purpose, so that you can self-direct your own life and continue to evolve into more of who you really are.

We tap into the power of your menstrual cycle, and bring awareness to it as a spiritual unfolding that directly connects you with the creative energy of life itself. With this awareness, you can confidently fulfill your purpose with joy and adaptability.

The Journey Back to Your Wild Power...

Month One: Your Roots
– Developing and grounding your relationship with the earth for healing, nurturing and cleansing
– Connecting to the foundations of your physical body
and subtle energy body
– Welcoming the 4 inner seasons of the menstrual cycle/womb world and your relationship to the outer seasonal wheel
– Remembering your relationship to the plant & natural world through holistic herbalism
– Awakening your bodily wisdom and developing foundational self-trust and support

Month Two: Your Yoniverse
– Developing your relationship to water element
and sacred womb energetics
– Connecting to the physical & energetic womb space system
– Nurturing your creative self, tending your pleasure body and tending relationships with others
– Clearing your energy field to embody your own authentic vibration
– Moon cycles and cyclical living & creativity 
– Awakening and attuning your Feminine energy and learning to hear your own inner creative calls
– Embodiment and pelvic bowl revitalization
– Rewilding the womb: liberating your wild power through ritual

Month Three: Home of the Heart
– Cultivating authentic self-love, self-trust and self-intimacy
– Embracing + honouring all dimensions of your being
– Developing emotional growth and maturity
– The universal energy of the heart and setting sustainable energetic boundaries for your emotional self
– Developing your relationship with your intuition, or inner guide, and practicing self-trust
– Prioritizing inner harmony by developing daily tools for supporting and nurturing your relationship with yourself
– Filling your emotional needs with your own authentic energy and coming back into sovereignty
– Plant consciousness and developing an intuitive relationship with the elements

There are few forces as powerful as a womban who has come home to her wild power. She sings her true song in harmony with all of life. Her relationships are meaningful because she has a true relationship with herself. Her work is meaningful because she knows what she came here to do, and where her true power lies...

Are you ready to stop living the expectations of the world and free your wild, authentic, harmonious power?

What Womben are Saying...

“I enjoy Jaylyn’s intention and presence. Her wisdom and compassion is palpable and transformative for me…healing.” 

“When I feel pain and rigidity it can preoccupy my life and yet when there is freedom and ease I just begin to experience joy and meet life more. That is what I have found in these past weeks. The change is almost imperceivable because it was bringing me back to more and more of myself, which is hard to measure. Thank you for your work and your compassion.”

Jasmin M.

“I’m so appreciative of Jaylyn’s approach and spirit. I have come back to my joy and feel grace.”

I didn't know if I was quite ready to venture down this path...but something was so sacred and special about our time together. The space she created was so comfortable. I felt like I was connecting with my sister who knew everything about me. We went through each week of my cycle and she created personal rituals, journal prompts and drank a different tea each week to support the time of my cycle. She led me through Yoga Nidra sessions and gave me practical things I could easily do at home when I needed to reconnect with me. My journey with Jaylyn has been simply amazing. I feel reconnected to me in ways that I didn't even know were available. It's been a special journey and I'm so grateful to have the wisdom, passion and kindness that Jaylyn brings with her.
Tara U.
Jaylyn is a gentle awakener. She’s a supportive mediator to re-introduce you to parts of yourself you may have forgotten, lost, repressed or never even knew were there. After 8 years of hormonal contraceptives I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve healed so much. I feel so empowered understanding my inner rhythms and knowing how to harness that energy in an intentional way instead of perceiving it as an obstacle. I highly recommend seeking her guidance and support in a more personal way if you have a womb and a yearning to feel empowered and liberated.
Laura C.

Here's What You'll Receive with Your Mentorship:

❇︎ 9 two hour live meetings with Jaylyn (via Zoom or in-person) for you to engage with
this work in a responsive and organic way

❇︎ Recordings of the meditations and practices that are created just for you,
to keep forever

❇︎ Printable PDF Worksheets to keep and use for self-study and reference

❇︎ A foundation of yogic, energetic and herbal tools + skills that will continue to develop throughout your lifetime journey

❇︎ Inner Seasons Journal Guide PDF so that you can revisit the same themes + topics each cycle and feel held in cyclical awareness even after our mentorship ends

❇︎ Menstrual cycle mapping tools so that you can align your life with your inner rhythm,
and feel empowered to understand the language of your unique energy patterns

❇︎ Support via text message for 3 full lunar cycles because you are not alone on this journey – you will have all of the support that you feel you need while walking the path of your mentorship


$833 per month

*Cost does not have to be a barrier for you.
Please do reach out if you are experiencing financial hardship but feel that this mentorship is right for you at this time.

*Special discounted price for patrons in the inner(swim) circle:

$2,200 for 3 month deep dive

This Mentorship isn’t for everybody.
It is for you if you are open to radical transformation and are ready to reconnect with your true wild nature and consciously expand through guided self-empowerment.

If you're still unclear, this might help you make your decision...

The 1:1 Wild Womban Mentorship is for if you are interested in:
✳︎ Tools for managing stress + emotional overwhelm 
✳︎ Yogic remedies + practices
✳︎ Cultivating creativity + fertility
✳︎ Womb + energy attunement
✳︎ Menstrual cycle harmonizing
✳︎ Feminine energetics + empowerment
✳︎ Reclaiming your pleasure body
✳︎ Rewilding + elemental reconnections
✳︎ Pelvic bowl revitalization
✳︎ Intuitive self-exploration
✳︎ Heart-centred discussions
✳︎ Reconnecting to all cycles of nature
✳︎ Shadow work


At the root of our pain and disempowerment as womben is a grave disconnect.

This mentorship serves to reconnect you to your own innate wild power to unleash you from the entanglements of limiting patterns and conditionings. 
This reconnection with your wild + powerful self opens the door to your greatest
creative potential, true self-intimacy + spiritual evolution

Together, we will bring a loving awareness to your inner environment, and tend to all aspects of you as we would care for a beautiful and intricate garden.
We honour your reconnection to nature within + without as the pathway back to a balanced and harmonious state within your cyclical body

to be wild is to be free to be you again...


Ask me anything! I’m happy to hear from you.