New Moon Women’s Circles

with Carey & Jaylyn.

Hosted at Cave of the Heart
in Walkerville, Windsor.

Root Down & Be Uplifted


Women Circles are a sacred practice of gathering, sharing, and aligning with the energy of the seasons and cycles of nature.

Community is an essential ingredient to our well-being: being heard and witnessed exactly as we are is sometimes just the food that is needed for our growth.

These monthly circles are a special opportunity to hold space for yourself, fill up with good energy and, through time, watch yourself evolve and unfold.

Each woman in the circle weaves her unique energy into it. Together, we’ll work with:

𓇬 Astrology energy readings and Intuitive Tarot
𓇬 Super gentle & sweet practices (like meditation and Yoga Nidra) that tune us into inner guidance
𓇬 Open sharing so that what is relevant in your life can come through

Each woman is welcome to share her voice in the circle, or just to listen and be present however she would like.



This is a monthly circle that anyone can join.

Next Circle: Thursday August 17th, 7:30 pm.

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Root down, lift up, Live in Harmony