The new wave of women’s wellness is here,
and you are at the center of it.

Welcome to innerswim!

My name is Jaylyn and I guide women to reconnect to their body wisdom so that they may nourish & flourish through all seasons of life, and through all uniquely feminine experiences.

My yearning to support others led me to study and train with some of the leading pioneers in the field of Yoga, Energy Work, Menstruality & the Wild Feminine, but mostly, it led me within.

My own journey began with a desire to heal my own chronic overwhelm, hormonal & pelvic imbalances and sleep disorders. As a highly sensitive, neuro-divergent person, I often felt out of place in a man-made world that simply wasn’t designed for me. So I created the sense of home and connection that I craved within myself.

I now share with you the transformative tools, practices and forms of awareness that I have found to be the sweetest & most effective in our everyday sense of balance, harmony & freedom.

My intention is to close the gap between physical wellness and emotional healing for women like you; to arrive at the heart of your experience and the root of your wellbeing.

Our sacred wild selves have
guided us both here.

Jai Mā!

Jaylyn Bernachi
Certified Therapeutic Yoga Facilitator for Women,
Intuitive Energy Worker & Menstruality Mentor.

Are you overwhelmed & stressed out?
Having trouble relaxing or falling asleep?

Find out why Rest Medicine Meditations
(Yoga Nidra)
could be just the  e x h a l e  you need to restore your energy & reclaim rest.

Are you craving more connection and abundance? A more balanced life?
That feeling of home within? 

Ground into a weekly self love practice: 
Feminine Yoga classes
teach you to trust in your unique nature and feminine design,
with somatic & spiritual practices.

Ground yourself in a monthly
Virtual Women’s Circle.

Explore your cyclical nature, share story and be held in a safe and supportive community.

You are free to be you, I am free to be me, and in this space we can truly be together.

If you’re unsure where to begin on your journey or seeking deeper personalized guidance & support, book a 1 on 1 experience

designed just for you.

Your full spectrum,
in-home studio.

Unlock instant access to the growing library of
weekly classes + resources
via Patreon.

A space for total wellness + inner harmony,
at your fingertips.

For $19/Month:

Receive full access to
✳︎ Weekly Feminine Yoga practices

✳︎ Weekly Rest Medicine/Yoga Nidra recordings

✳︎ The monthly virtual women’s circle

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✳︎ An ever-evolving library of resources + practices

✳︎ Discounts on 1:1 mentorships

✳︎ A growing online conscious community

Join me in our virtual space…
where you can feel connected, nourished + inspired.


What is Menstruality?

This website was created with the intention to play a role in the rebirth of Divine Feminine & Nature consciousness. Everyone behind this website affirms that Black & Brown Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ lives matter, Animal lives matter & Plant lives matter. All offerings are humbly given for inner transformation, healing & reawakening to the source of life itself. For people with wombs, this source energy is strongly embodied in the womb[space]; and so this website also holds the intention to free the energies of this space from generations of trauma & oppression. This is a safe space dedicated to inner & outer harmony out of a deep respect for all lives & all life energies.