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My name is Jaylyn Bernachi & I am a full time Yoginī,

creating yoga and menstruality resources for womxn’s health, harmony & liberation.

We use embodiment practices gathered over years of deep exploration into the teaching and embodiment of yoga and the wild Feminine to guide you back into your natural state.

Our sacred wild selves  have

guided us both here.

Jai Mā!

‘Menstruality’ is the sacred process of womb life from menarche to post-menopause. Each place in this evolutionary process holds natural powers, wisdoms or struggles.

With a loving awareness of this naturally arising process, we bring a reverent mindfulness to our inner environment that heals and empowers us, and restores our innate spirituality.

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Yoga, ritual, sacred circles & menstruality classes are offered live and online for womxn’s health, harmony & liberation


These intimate sessions are for the womban who is ready to deep dive into her wild self, her inner healer, her true potential

Offered online + in person


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Love Notes

This website was created with the intention to play a role in the rebirth of Divine Feminine & Nature consciousness. Everyone behind this website affirms that Black & Brown Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ lives matter, Animal lives matter & Plant lives matter. All offerings are humbly given for inner transformation, healing & reawakening to the source of life itself. For people with wombs, this source energy is strongly embodied in the womb[space]; and so this website also holds the intention to free the energies of this space from generations of trauma & oppression. This is a safe space dedicated to inner & outer harmony out of a deep respect for all lives & all life energies.