My name is Jaylyn Bernachi & I am full time Yoginī,

guiding womxn & all spiritual seekers back home

to their natural cyclical rhythm –

the rhythm of our bodies & the body of the earth.

Jai Mā!

innerswim offerings


Deepen your personal practice with opportunities to attend live Jivamukti Yoga, Yin Yoga & Sacred Womxn workshops both online & in-person


Private or small group sessions for yoga, menstrual doulaship & womb wellness can be booked through the site, or email [email protected]


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Online practices for body, mind & heart

This website was created with the intention to play a role in the rebirth of Divine Feminine & Nature consciousness. Everyone behind this website affirms that Black & Brown Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ lives matter, Animal lives matter & Plant lives matter. All offerings are humbly given for inner transformation, healing & reawakening to the source of life itself. For people with wombs, this source energy is strongly embodied in the womb[space]; and so this website also holds the intention to free the energies of this space from generations of trauma & oppression. This is a safe space dedicated to inner & outer harmony out of a deep respect for all lives & all life energies.