Welcome to innerswim!

I am a certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher,
Energy Worker & Menstruality Mentor
for Women’s Total Wellness.

I guide women to heal, nurture and expand themselves naturally through full spectrum yoga,  subtle body energy work, cyclical living & holistic herbalism. 

My mission is to guide you back to your wild, harmonious & authentic self through these liberating tools by teaching you how to use and develop them for yourself.

I teach yoga as a transformative way of being

And offer a wide spectrum of practices for all gathered over years of deep exploration into the teaching and embodiment of the wild Feminine to guide you back into your natural, cyclical & harmonious state.

Our sacred wild selves have

guided us both here.

Jai Mā!
Love, Jaylyn Bernachi

Flowering Human: Cyclical Energy Healing Online Mini Immersion

Take a guided, at-your-own-pace meditative journey as the flower you are!

Your full spectrum,
in-home studio.

Unlock instant access to the living library of
in-depth yoga classes,
women’s cyclical living resources,
and heart-centered meditations
via Patreon.

A space for total wellness + inner harmony,
at your fingertips.

For $19/Month:

Receive full access to
✳︎ Weekly Meditations (live & playback).

✳︎ Weekly Yoga Nidras (live & playback).

✳︎ Weekly Yin Yoga: Exploring the Elements (live & playback).

✳︎ Women’s cyclical living resources to empower + educate.

✳︎ An ever-evolving library of resources + practices.

✳︎ Discounts on 1:1 mentorships.

✳︎ A growing online conscious community.

Join me in our virtual space…
where you can be nourished, inspired & expanded.

are you ready to alchemize your experience of being woman?

“I enjoy Jaylyn’s intention and presence. Her wisdom and compassion is palpable and transformative for me…healing.”

“I’m so appreciative of Jaylyn’s approach and spirit. I have come back to my joy and feel grace.”

What is Menstruality?

The Inner Seasons Journal Guide PDF

Dive into printable journal prompts right now for menstrual cycle awareness, mindfulness & harmony.

innerswim offerings


Yoga practices, weekly meditations and resources are instantly accessible through the inner(swim) Patreon page. Invitations to weekly live classes, monthly yoga nidras, women’s cyclical living resources + more.


These intimate sessions are a deep dive into your wild self, your inner healer, your true potential. Sessions can be as experiential or as educational as you like.

Offered online + in person.


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This website was created with the intention to play a role in the rebirth of Divine Feminine & Nature consciousness. Everyone behind this website affirms that Black & Brown Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ lives matter, Animal lives matter & Plant lives matter. All offerings are humbly given for inner transformation, healing & reawakening to the source of life itself. For people with wombs, this source energy is strongly embodied in the womb[space]; and so this website also holds the intention to free the energies of this space from generations of trauma & oppression. This is a safe space dedicated to inner & outer harmony out of a deep respect for all lives & all life energies.