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Yoga Nidra, also known as “conscious sleep,” is a deep relaxation technique for accessing the subtle layers of our being.

Yoga Nidra is a state of restful consciousness – an organic, intuitive, and effortless experience.

This practice can restore the body and mind at the level of the subconscious. It’s known to have profound effects on the health of the nervous system, and mental & emotional well-being.

It restores energy lost from lack of sleep, stress, over-thinking, and generally over-doing it. Over time, the practice can promote deep sleep, boost mood & energy levels, and enhance creativity!

We love Yoga Nidra because it’s creative, nourishing, and anyone can do it.

All you need is 15 minutes and a place to lay down, relax, and tune in.


My name is Jaylyn and I’m a Yoga Nidra facilitator specially trained to guide you through the process and help you experience the full benefits of this powerful practice.

We take a Total Yoga Nidra approach here, drawing from several forms and traditions of Yoga Nidra, and the understanding of the practice as an organic and deeply personal one.

Our Yoga Nidra Circle receives weekly practices that are in tune with the seasons, phases of the moon, and all natural cycles for an enhanced experience.

I invite you to join us on Patreon to explore this powerful practice!


Yoga Nidras are posted online in the circle every Sunday morning.
Listen at your leisure.


you’ll receive access to:

✳︎ A weekly yoga nidra practice, intuitively designed for the group

✳︎ Special holiday and seasonal practices, including new + full moon nidras

✳︎ Recipes + inspirations for your health and well-being

✳︎ Our library of yoga content

✳︎ Discounts on mentorship programs


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⍣ Experience guided meditative rest for deep restoration
⍣ Balance energy levels and regulate your nervous system, naturally
⍣ Feel refreshed, renewed + reconnected
⍣ Restore your rhythmic inner cycles + sleep better
⍣ Dream with the Earth

Yoga Nidra involves lying down in a comfortable position and being guided into a restful consciousness.

In Yoga Nidra, we access an organic, creative & conscious experience of being in a deeply restful state.

While in this state, your body and mind can repair. You may experience spontaneous ‘dreams’ or inner visions, spontaneous healing, or a sense of wholeness & reconnection, pleasure, or peace.
It’s an experience personal to you,
But a birthright for us all.

Through regular practice of yoga nidra you:
✦ Release layers of tension and stress
✦ Regenerate and repair your nervous system
✦ Restore your rhythmic inner cycles (including sleep)
✦ Cultivate inner balance, peace, and equanimity
✦ Strengthen your connection to intuition
✦ Enhance your creativity
✦ Improve your overall mood

Yoga Nidra with Jaylyn is a blend of:
⍣ Restorative Yoga (to find comfort), elemental energy work, and integrating personal intentions (sankalpa).

Yoga Nidra is especially suited for:
-Highly Sensitive Persons
-Those interested in getting the most out of a well-balanced life
-Those experiencing difficulties with sleep and energy levels
-Those with over-active (stressed) nervous systems
-Those with under-active (depressed) nervous systems
-Those interested in exploring deeper aspects of mind and the nature of self
-Those looking to enhance creativity and connection to inner guidance
-Those on a conscious spiritual journey

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The yoga nidra recordings are released every Sunday morning at 7:00 am, for you to listen to anytime. 

They are posted to the innerswim Patreon page for  effortless listening: 

Yes. The recordings will be sent to you in the morning to listen to at your own leisure, in the morning, afternoon or evening.

No experience in yoga nidra is necessary! I will guide you through the whole process, and you’re welcome to email me with any questions. To prepare, create a quiet and serene space for yourself, with dim lighting, blankets and pillows to be comfortable. You will be invited to lay down and relax your body. I will guide you through the rest.

Yoga nidra is a complete and transformational journey from beginning to end.

I will open the space by inviting healing energies and a warm welcome. 

You will be guided through the yoga nidra meditation, which is around 20 min long.

At the end of the Nidra you will be guided out and sent on your way (or into sleep). ♥

Take Your Nidra Practice With You, 
Wherever You Go.

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