Seeds of Joy

one day we look

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the seeds of joy

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The Introductory Yoga Philosophy Course With Jaylyn

Seeds of Joy

Ten Yoga Philosophy Principles for One Beautiful Life

Yoga philosophy is about developing the mental openness, adaptability, and inner strength that allows our true nature to shine forth.

Joy is the natural and vibrant result of physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual well-being; it’s the essence of who we are. Through Yoga Philosophy, we envoke our wisdom-mind to live a life in joy. The clear perception that arises through the practice of these timeless guiding principles allows the light of wisdom to shine through us, clearing the way for an enlightened life.

The ten principles shared in this course are the foundations of the holistic science of Yoga; they speak to the heart of what it means to be human, and what Yoga is as an artful and awakened way of life.

As an exploration into the Yamas and Niyamas of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the objective of this course is to inspire, educate, and empower you to begin or deepen a life in Yoga. We don’t need to unroll a mat to practice this! These seed principles are something that you can plant in your heart and take with you through every moment of each day.

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Are you a certified yoga teacher?

You may be eligible to receive continued education hours to your certification by taking this course. This is course is recognized by the international Yoga Alliance and is an accredited 3 hour training in Yoga Philosophy.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Seed Principles

Day 1: Ahimsa | Principle of Tenderness
Each of us has an inner soft spot. It is this inner softness that connects us to our humanity, and the most fundamental ingredient for joy: love. Explore the principle of ahimsa in-depth, engage your heart intelligence, and wonder what it means to be a “real” human being in this lesson.
Lesson 2: Satya | Principle of Truth
Each of us desires to express who we really are - we've come to earth to do just this. But sometimes our channels of expression become blocked or closed off, and we must re-learn how to sing our unique song. Explore the principle of satya in-depth, and what it means to be an embodiment of one's truth.
Lesson 3: Asteya | Principle of Generosity
We are all connected within this abundant universe; we belong to the ecosystem of life. When we have trust in this, we naturally connect to our generous heart and experience the richness and prosperity that is our birthright. Explore the principle of asteya in-depth, and what it means to be connected to abundance, resources, and all forms of wealth.
Lesson 4: Brahmacharya | Principle of Energetic Conservation
We are energetic and transactional beings, and in modern society, countless distractions are pulling at our attention every single day. The principle of brahmacharya is about using one's energy consciously, and choosing how, when, and where to direct our precious life force. Explore this principle in-depth, and what it means to use your vital energy in the direction of your deeper purpose.
Lesson 5: Aparigraha | Principle of Non-Attachment
When we are willing to let go of all that we are not, we are free to receive the real and lasting gifts of life. The principle of non-attachment asks us to remember the temporary nature of life, and how best to deal with this. Explore the principle of aparigraha, and lighten your mind to move, create, and live in greater freedom.
Lesson 6: Saucha | Principle of Cleanliness
Your body is the sacred container that holds your inner light. The seed of cleanliness is grounded in love and respect for one's own body, and blossoms into a daily lifestyle that keeps us feeling light, healthy, and well. Explore the principle of saucha in-depth, and what it means to live a life in physical and mental clarity.
Lesson 7: Santosha | Principle of Acceptance
We don't have to 'like' everything about our lives, but we can learn to accept all things, and this leads to inner peace. Acceptance is a comfortable state of being and is the seed of lasting happiness. Explore the principle of santosha in-depth, and what it means to flow with life.
Lesson 8: Tapasya | Principle of Discipline
Life can be challenging. What we need in the face of challenge is a strong, fierce, and disciplined mind to meet life with courage. The principle of discipline is about igniting our inner fire and testing the depths of our inner strength. Explore the principle of tapasya in-depth, and be inspired to seek new opportunities for growth and evolution.
Lesson 9: Svadhyaya | Principle of Self-Study
You are a unique human being, worthy of your own attention and curiosity. No one can know what is inside you better than you. Self-study is to turn within, study one's true nature, and lean into resources when one needs some guidance. Explore the principle of svadhyaya in-depth, and what it means to be your own friend.
Lesson 10: Isvara Pranidhana | Principle of Surrender
As the final seed principle, surrender is the ultimate one. This principle bypasses the mind and allows a higher and deeper consciousness to move through us. Explore the principle of isvara-pranidhana in-depth, and what it means to be a channel of the Divine.
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A very profound and empowering course. There is deep spiritual wisdom and meaning in the classes and they have taken me deeper into my spiritual and meditation practice. I will be referring to the notes often. Looking forward to any other course you are planning in the future
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"Great and inspirational course"
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"Thoughtful, peaceful, and gentle"
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Such beautiful principles to live by shared in such a sweet manner. Thank you! Namaste.
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I love these seed principles offered up in Jaylyn's gentle compassionate voice. This is true guidance for a richer and more meaningful life. Thank you!!
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A beautiful course, given in an uplifting manner
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A lovely short course of yoga philosophies and teachings. It took me back to my yoga practice. 🙂

Meet Your Teacher


Jaylyn Bernachi

Women’s Yoga Therapist

Jaylyn Bernachi has been teaching for the past ten years to inspire, empower, and educate anyone with a curiosity for Yoga. Her teachings focus on emotional and energetic health and harmony. The psychology of Yoga is something she’s deeply passionate about sharing, as the ancient science and wisdom of Yoga have profoundly uplifted her in her own life. 
I offer this audio course to the teachers who have come before me, the ones who will come after me; the teachers all around us, and the teacher within. Thank you for joining me! I hope you enjoy the course.

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