Women’s Yoga

Women's Specialty Yoga

In Windsor-Essex County & Online
with therapeutic RYT Jaylyn Bernachi


Because It's Good For You

At innerswim we are dedicated to empowering women through yoga. We celebrate womanhood and provide a nurturing space for us to explore the transformative benefits of this ancient practice.

Discover a diverse range of yoga styles tailored to women’s unique needs, including prenatal and postnatal yoga, holistic hormone balancing, and cycle syncing. Join our vibrant community, access guided practices, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and self-empowerment.

Unlock your incredible potential!

Make Each Day Count By Putting Self-Love First.


1:1 Fertility Yoga Program

Over 4 weeks, you’ll learn valuable tools and practices to support you on your fertility journey. In the 1:1 format, you’ll also receive emotional support and intuitive guidance to suit your needs.


Pre-Natal Yoga Group Classes

Nourishing movement, restorative yoga, sound healing, breathing practices, and more. All held within a community circle of pregnant mamas!

4 Week Summer Programs begin July 7


Mom & Baby Yoga Group Classes

New moms need a place to gather, unwind, and feel good! Bring your little one(s) and let them join in on the fun. All are welcome.

4 Week Summer Program begins July 4


1:1 Wisdom of the Cycle Mentorship

Over 4 weeks, you’ll learn about the different seasons of your menstrual cycle, and how to align yourself with each one. This is invaluable self-knowledge for anyone with a cycle to live, love, and create optimally!

About Your Teacher

Hi! My name is Jaylyn
and I’ve been teaching yoga for 8 years & working in women’s wellness for 3 years. I specialize in pelvic care for women, fertility yoga, pre-natal and post-natal care, and menstrual cycle awareness. 

Women’s Yoga is so dear to my heart because we are cyclical beings who deserve practices that honour, uplift, and empower what is unique about us.

In my experience, women who connect with their feminine energy enjoy deeper embodiment, better overall health, increased creativity, and become fertile for joy. 

Please feel free to reach out at any time to chat yoga or your wellness. My email is [email protected]

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Apply For Fertility Yoga Program

Please fill out the 2 min application form and Jaylyn will be in touch with you shortly.

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Register For 4 Week Pre-Natal Yoga Program

Summer Schedule:

Monday Mornings in Windsor.
Friday Evenings in Amherstburg.

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Register For 4 Week Mom & Baby Yoga Program

Summer Schedule:

Tuesday Mornings in Amherstburg

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Apply For Wisdom Of The Cycle Mentorship

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All good! No experience is required. These forms of yoga are so specialized that even if you’ve practiced yoga for years, this is a unique experience!

If you are joining in-person classes, please bring a yoga mat, a cozy blanket, and a water bottle.

If you are coming with your baby, please bring anything you might need for their comfort. 

You can practice these classes during your entire pregnancy.

Please let Jaylyn know where you are on the journey, and she’ll be happy to meet you there.

All private sessions begin with a little guided meditation and check-in.

You’ll be invited to share with Jaylyn about your experience, and she’ll engage and ask you questions along the way. 

These sessions are totally tailored to your unique needs and intentions.

In-Person classes are held in the Windsor-Essex Region in Ontario, Canada.

Online Classes Available By Request.

Please call, text, or email Jaylyn to learn more about class schedules.

Phone: +1 519-792-9496

Email: [email protected]