LOVE Breast + Body Oil



Our organic castor oil is sweetly scented with violet and lavender essential oil + preserved with nutrient rich vitamin E.

Castor oil detoxifies and supports the overall health and structure of skin. It’s natural fatty acids also seep into the cells of the skin to lock in moisture. Lavender & violet have been added to soothe both skin + mind, and vitamin E to preserve both your skin + the oil, maintaining freshness and repairing skin’s structure.

To use: gently massage the breasts in rhythmic circles with this sacred oil, opening your heart with deep breaths as you do so. Our breasts are major energy centers in the body; massaging them ensures a healthy flow of energy, lymph + blood, which is essential for maintaining overall breast health. As a bonus, self-massage is a deeply enriching self-care practice that cultivates self-love – a necessary ingredient for life!

Ingredients: organic castor oil, violet & lavender essential oil, vitamin E.

Size: 4 oz glass dropper bottle