What’s Your Intuition Style?


One of the many natural powers on offer in inner autumn / fruiting phase of the menstrual cycle (roughly days 19-bleed) is increased intuition.

In the second half of our cycle, sexual energy descends and creates inner spaciousness and increased sensitivity for our subtler senses to come alive. Like in outer autumn, inner autumn is a season of permeability, increased psychic ability and primal intelligence. 

It is a season of ‘piercing the veil’ and seeing through to the Other, more ethereal side of things.
This gives us great spiritual insight in our lives.

What is intuition?
Intuition is inner knowing, or direct knowing, without external influence or rational thought. Some call intuition ‘spiritual communication.’

Have you ever had the perfect idea just drop into your head?
Knew something about a person upon just meeting them?
Felt something coming your way before you could see it?
This is all intuition.

Our intuition speaks to us daily, in small and big ways,
and the natural witchy-ness of inner autumn presents the perfect opportunity for honing your relationship to intuition. 

How will I know it’s intuition?
Intuition arises from within.
The messages we receive through our intuition are often irrational, or seem ‘too big’ or ‘too perfect’ for this world…but when we are connected to these messages they feel really good, and it lights up something inside of us that screams ‘yes!’ 

We are often not taught to trust our inner knowing as children when our intuition is strongest. Years of denying our intuition can weaken our relationship to it, and the messages grow quieter and quieter. 

By setting aside just a few moments everyday to clear the mental clutter and tune in to listen to yourself, you will begin clearing this inner pathway back to intuitive guidance.

The more often you listen to yourself and hold the messages you receive with respect, the clearer this inner pathway becomes, until you no longer feel the need to seek outer validation at all because you trust yourself so deeply. 

So, how do I begin listening?
First, it’s helpful to know the language that your intuition speaks to you in.
Everyone’s language is unique, and it can change at different times of our life, but there are some common threads between people and I’ll share them below.

You can practice listening in right now by paying attention to signs from your body/energy as you read the following questions to notice what your intuition ‘lights up’ as true for you. Try not to think too much, and instead, feel into it.

The Four ‘Clairs’ or Forms of Intuition

Sensation Centered Intuition (Clairsentience)
Are you called almost daily to physical movement?
Do you feel you can express to others how you are feeling through movement, like in dance, talking with your hands, or physical touch/affection?
Do you sometimes feel physically drawn to certain tasks/locations/people/ideas?
Do you have a natural mind-body connection that others marvel at?
Do you feel your feelings really deeply and often have a difficult time expressing them in words?
Do you often feel the emotions/energies of others in your body?

Sound Centered Intuition (Clairaudience)
Are you very drawn to sound and music?
Do you feel you can best express yourself to others
through sound, music or voice?
Do you often feel sounds deep within your physical body?
Do you find yourself receiving fresh ideas from a mysterious inner sound, or voice, that speaks to you?
Are you a really skilled listener, and often get complimented on your listening skills? Do people often come to you when they want someone to just listen?
Are you comfortable in silence because you sense how much vibration is really held in the ‘silence?’

Visual Centered Intuition (Clairvoyance)
Are you drawn to colours, shapes, patterns or aethestics? 
Do you feel you can best express yourself to others through visual representation, visual art or imagery?
Do you often see colours, patterns or symbols
that direct you in a particular direction?
Do you have a strong sense of imagination? Often visualizing the life you wish to create or receiving visuals from a mysterious source?
Do you often daydream or experience vivid dreams while sleeping?
Are you really skilled at ‘seeing the full picture,’ and find that people often come to you for this?
Do you feel drawn to symbols, and find that they communicate with you? 

Knowing Based Intuition (Claircognizance)
Are you drawn to simplicity, minimalism, and clearcut ideas?
Do you find yourself just saying the right thing to
the right person at the right time, often?
Do you often, and suddenly, just know something
without really knowing how or why?
Are you a great decision-maker?
Are you skilled at being at the right place at just the right time,
and others call you ‘lucky’ for this?
Do you feel drawn to quiet, contemplative places?

If you answered ‘yes’ to almost all of the questions under one section, this is your current intuitive language.

The truth is we all have the intuitive pathways listed above, but knowing which one is strongest for us in this phase of our life can help to direct us to those activities, locations and experiences that bring us deeper into intuitive relationship with ourselves.

There are countless ways for receiving intuition, not limited to the 4 ‘clairs’ above. I encourage you to trust your inner knowing when it comes to developing this innate gift, and use the natural powers of inner and/or outer autumn to assist you!

If it calls to you, I’d love to hear about your relationship to intuition.❤

All my Love,
Wild Yogini & Mentor