Coming Off of Birth Control: Now What?


Maybe you’ve been on birth control since your cycles began,
or you’re still on it and feel nervous or unsure about coming off. 

Maybe you’ve been off of the pill for a while now and are wobbling through various symptoms that seem unmanageable. 

Your story is always welcome here. 

And if there’s one thing I know about birth control it is this: 
it is sold to women as an option that allows us more choice, more independence, and more predictability. But what they don’t tell us is what we’ll be sacrificing to make that choice. 

There are rare instances where birth control is needed. But in most cases, what a woman needs is honest education about her body, her cycle, and a much wider (and much gentler) variety of options to choose from to support her reproductive health. 

Birth control is often sold as a quick ‘fix’ to hormonal imbalances, like irregular periods or painful periods. But the quick fix can give a woman more issues than she started with. And most of us find that, when coming off of the pill, symptoms return even stronger than they were before anyway. 

What does this tell us?

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This tells us that the body wants to be heard. 
She wants to be witnessed. 
She wants to be known. 
She doesn’t want her voice to be covered up.

This tells us that the decision to come off of birth control will ask you for your patience, your kindness, and your love as your body and cycle rebalance. And you will find balance. Your body is incredibly wise and powerful. It just needs you to be on board with you

There are real, completely natural, completely effective, and long-term solutions to hormonal imbalances that don’t require you to alter your natural cycles or suppress your body’s symptoms. 

If you’re looking to rebalance after birth control – or maybe you’re still finding the courage to come off! – I’m here to say that I celebrate you and any choice that you make that puts your well-being first. 

And I also want to point you to my Free Hormone Harmony Guide – a checklist that will walk you through each phase of your cycle with helpful tips and practices to track your cycle and rebalance your hormones, naturally. You can get access to the guide right now and begin your journey back to balance today.

But before you grab a copy, I also highly suggest you check out the Wisdom of the Cycle Mentorship – the private online program for all women seeking to connect with the natural rhythms of their womb and understand how they influence their body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

If you’re rebalancing after birth control, this program is for you.
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In summary,
When it comes to balancing hormones naturally, what we’re seeking is a sense of alignment with our body and our natural rhythms. All you need is you, your awareness, and your intention to fully show up for yourself. But sometimes, a little guidance is helpful to get us where we want to be a little quicker. 

I hope this article has inspired you to make choices that are truly empowering! Be sure to grab a copy of the Free Hormone Harmony Guide, too, to help you make empowered, educated decisions to support your body’s natural state of balance, beginning today. This guide will give you the information you need to start walking the path toward a more balanced, cyclical, and fulfilling life.

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