The Spiritual Meaning of Bleeding Under the Full or New Moon


Since humans have been on earth we have been curious about the mysterious moon. Ancient cultures performed rituals under the different phases of the moon and believed that the moon’s phases influenced the rhythms of the womb, the same way it influences the tidal movements of the waters on earth. It was (and is) believed that a woman’s womb is connected to the lunar cycle as she cycles through her menstruating years and even beyond.

Is this true?

In the Yogic energy system of the 7 chakras, the womb is the second chakra (energy center), which is related to water. The womb is a container of fluids: menstrual blood, cervical fluids and amniotic fluid during pregnancy. If the moon’s waxing and waning influence the water’s of the ocean, lakes and rivers, then it naturally follows that her rhythms influence the waters of the human body. We are a part of these natural cycles after all.

Science is now backing up what ancient cultures knew to be true: that a woman’s womb connects her intimately with the moon.

So what does this mean for you?

Lets take a deeper look at the spiritual meaning behind menstruating under the peak phases of the moon:

Menstruating Under a Full Moon

When we say the moon is ‘full,’ what we really mean is that the moon’s luminescent light is brightest. In this peak phase, the moon is reflecting the most light from the sun down onto earth, and this causes the earth’s waters (including the womb waters) to rise to their peak. Full moons are associated with peak energy, or high energy — increased activity and the culmination of cycles.

If a woman bleeds under the full moon, this could signal that she is in a period of closing cycles in her life and letting go of limiting patterns. Perhaps she is ending an unfulfilling career path, relationship, or outdated beliefs. Menstruating under the full moon is a powerful moment of release, and we can use this energy to help clear out what no longer serves us and propel us further toward our deeper desires.

Menstruating under the full moon can be quite intense. Some women will experience insomnia, intensely vivid dreams or heightened emotional states. These experiences are all signs that the lunar energy, combined with the peak womb energy, is working through us and revealing previously hidden sides to the self. We can expect to be changed for the better after a full moon bleed, feeling refreshed and clarified.

Menstruating Under a New Moon

The new moon is the very beginning of the lunar phase. The new moon follows the dark moon, which is the period of about 1 day in which the moon is not visible in the night sky. In this initial lunar phase, the moon’s energy is calm and quiet, signaling a moment of retreat and rest in the cycle. New moons are traditionally thought of as a time of decreased activity, or restfulness, and an opportunity to dream, envision and set intentions for the new cycle ahead.

If a woman bleeds under the new moon, this could signal that she is in a period of increased harmony and wellbeing in her life. Since menstruation is a time when a woman feels an increased desire to rest and let go, the quiet and restful new moon energy feels supportive, and draws her deeper into herself. With the support of lunar energy, a menstruating woman can use this period of rest and retreat to envision the life she truly desires, and set heartfelt intentions for her journey into a new lunar cycle and new menstrual cycle. This is a potent period of new beginnings, initiations and fresh starts.

Menstruating under the new moon is often less intense, and provides an opportunity for the body to rest and rejuvenate. Some women will experience a decrease in motivation to socialize, perform work-related tasks or highly physical activities. These are all signs that the lunar and womb energies are aligned and working well, drawing a woman into herself for a time of self-care and wellbeing. You can expect to emerge from a new moon bleed feeling vital and deeply supported by the rhythms of the universe as you begin to take small, guided steps in the direction of your intentions.

So, should I be menstruating with the new or full moon?
Although the lunar rhythms can heavily influence a woman’s womb rhythms, this in no way means that you should be menstruating under a particular moon phase. Your body has its own rhythms, and any phase that you bleed under can provide you with insight and spiritual meaning for you to uncover.

For example, bleeding under a waxing (growing) moon phase can signal that you are entering a phase of increased activity in your life. While bleeding under a waning (decreasing) moon phase can signal a period of slowness and integration. It’s always about how you feel under the moon. Ask your body and your womb, ‘what is this light of the moon revealing to me now? What do I need to see? What feelings do I need to hold space for?’

The feminine ways are never about getting it perfect or getting it ‘right.’ Instead, we can learn to relax and trust ourselves, our bodies, and lean into the universal cycles that support us in every phase.

If you are curious about aligning your womb energy with lunar energy, here are 3 simple rituals you can engage with starting right now:

1. Moon gazing: spend 5-10 min each night gazing at the moon in whichever phase she is in.

2.Moon tracking: download an app or find a moon calendar for tracking the phases of the moon.

3.Menstrual cycle mapping: start tracking the different phases of your menstrual cycle, and see how they line up with the lunar cycle. The first day of your cycle is the first day of your bleedtime. For more information on how to track your menstrual cycle, book a 1:1 session with Jaylyn to gather all of the knowledge you need to begin or deepen your practice.

With Love,