Wisdom of the Inner Flowers


The inner summer of the menstrual cycle (days 12-19/ovulation) can be an intense phase. Energy climbs as hormones peak and there is this pull to connect, to create, to do.  Much like the outer summer. 

I’ve studied books on feminine energy, attended courses, trainings and seminars, but the one teacher who never fails to amuse and understand (besides my own womb) is Nature herself.

And when I look around at Nature’s summer, she is bursting with fragrance and colour and flowers that stand the test of heat and time. And they do it so effortlessly.

As I ovulate I can literally feel these flowers blooming in my heart and in my womb.

And I remember that the flowers don’t bloom to do
Their fragrance is not emitted to prove anything. 
The stem doesn’t cling to the earth in fear or doubt. 

the flower is the essence of beauty, delight and softness. 
The flower blooms because it is in its nature to —
because there is pleasure in self expression,
and life is fueled by pleasure and desire. 

The flower emits it’s sweet fragrance that unwittingly attracts the right bees, at the right time. She doesn’t stress about no bees noticing her, or whether her scent is going to please the bee now passing by. 

The flower stem roots to the earth simply because it is a being connected to its source, and this she never questions. She belongs to the greater whole.

A flower never questions or doubts or proves her worth, her power, her belonging.

Flowers and plants have been on this earth for billions of years.
Way longer than any humans or animals.
There is deep wisdom to the way a flower is. 
An intelligent patterning that we can discover within ourselves, too,
when we give permission to embrace our own inner nature.

When I gaze on a flower in summer, I feel the fulfillment in just being alive. 
Nothing to do about being alive. 
No rush to make something happen of being alive. 
No editing or questioning or half-assing that aliveness.
Just softness in the fire, the intensity, the fearless expression.
Just holding and expressing beauty for the sake of beauty.

My body wants to remember this as I ovulate,
as my inner flowers bloom.
That I am right where I belong.
At home in myself, at home on the earth.

Worthy, just as I am. 
Just as you are.

Love & Gratitude,