Cancer Season Astrology: Magical + Healing


Cancer season came in with soft, womb-like energy. 

I find myself curling in, slowing down and filling up. 
After the bustling energy of spring, this window of time to let go and flow with the natural rhythm of my life feels like a healing change of pace. 

I’m definitely not an astrologer. You probably know more about astrology than I do. But I’m a really sensitive feeler, and that means that as the sun cycle turns, each astrological season offers a different feeling. Just as our womb cycle turns, offering us different perspectives and phases to embody. 

So, here’s how I’m making Cancer season magical and healing, and indulging in the soft + watery energy that’s on offer right now: 

1. Focusing on Relationships
As a Libra moon, my heart is so happy and at home in relationship. I love love, and I love to love. But sometimes I get swept up in to-do lists and responsibilities and my romantic side gets tucked away. Well, not in Cancer season. I feel my heart coming center stage under this feminine sign; it’s soft, it’s sensual, and she’s singing. Like a hopeless romantic playing music on the front lawn of a crush, my heart is bleeding for the people I love most and I’m all here for it. This feels like a great season for checking in to notice: who feels good to my heart? Who makes my heart sing and swoon? And spending more time with that person, or those people. Being in the heart of summer now also reminds me of the interconnectivity of life, as I take in the many flowers of a single garden, the bees at play and the waters flowing in abundance through streams that were dry only a few months ago. The heart of the earth is in full bloom, and it’s all driven by the same desire we feel beating in our chest.

2. Being With Water
Bruce Lee said it: be like water. What does that mean? I take it as an invitation to flow and let go; to release the illusion of control, and instead tap into the boundless power of the natural flow of life, as it moves through you and me. Water is a beautiful reminder of our depth, our power and our beauty. It reminds us of our ability to be soft, to yield to the forces of life and to enjoy. This Cancer season I set an intention to spend more time with water, and this past weekend it was fulfilled as we journeyed to the natural lakes of Algonquin park. Putting my feet in the Northern Ontario lakes, wading through lily pads and gazing out at a horizon of blues, greens and shimmering sunlight, I offered all that was heavy on my heart to the cleansing power of water. I allowed myself to let go and to be carried by the flow. Water has this magical way of bringing us back to our essential self, free of debris and stagnant energy. Just one dip in a natural body of water, or a really luxurious and cleansing bath, is enough to bring me back to my open, innocent self. 

3. Heart Tuning
Cancer is the sign of the Divine Feminine, or Divine Mother. And Mother energy reminds us of the heart of the world: that rhythmic pulse that moves within and all around us, the foundation of life, which is Love. Sometimes, it’s difficult to feel this pulse when our natural sensitivity becomes over-stimulated, or our heart’s feel burdened and heavy. This Cancer season, I am using the magic of my menstrual cycle to heal my heart. In my natural heart-opening phase (ovulation/inner summer/flowering/days 12-19) I am spending time with my heart. Asking my heart what is yearned for, allowing those intuitive feelings to take shape, and doing what feels good. One of my favourite ways to tune my heart is to visualize the ‘Flower of My Heart.’  I ask myself: if my heart were a flower, what would it feel like? Look like? Smell like? Is my heart flower blossoming open, or curling in? Does my heart flower need a little refreshing breeze or some nourishing waters? What is my heart flower rooted in, what keeps it steady? Tuning the heart is all about honouring what feels good and what delights us, so that our energy can be light and open. Through the menstrual cycle I feel this natural heart-opening energy right around the time of ovulation, signaling to me that, as my womb blossoms, so does my heart. And what a beautiful inner garden to witness.  


Happy Cancer Season, Lovely. I wish you all of the flowy, nourishing, sensual energy this watery season has to offer. May it refresh and revive us, like an inner retreat to the oceans and beaches of our being.

Love & Gratitude,