The Different Phases of the Menstrual Cycle (and What Your Favorite Says About You)


Cycle awareness is not about fixing or perfecting ourselves or our cycle; it’s about getting to know ourselves in the most intimate way, and really owning the rightness and uniqueness of our nature, as it is.

It’s about getting to know our strengths and our vulnerabilities, and seeing it all as reason to love ourselves deeper.

So, in today’s letter I want to share a few of the common qualities found in the 4 main phases of the cycle and what they can reveal to you about yourself.

We all naturally express ourselves differently through each phase, and the phase we feel most ‘at home’ in – our home phase – can reveal so much about our nature, our energetic patterns, and where to look for healing resources.

The energies found in each phase are also thread throughout nature and all creative cycles. But there is only one you, and the way that only you can express these energies as you blend them with your own authentic essence. 

So whether you’ve been connecting with womb wisdom for years or just beginning the journey, I hope the information shared below is insightful and validating. ♥

*Please note that this is a very introductory look at the phases, meant to just be fun and interesting. To take a deeper, personalized dive into menstruality you can book a 1:1 session.

The 4 Main Phases of the Cycle and What Your ‘Home Phase’ Might Reveal About Your Unique Nature & Medicine

Menstruation | Seed Phase | Days 1-6
Qualities: Quiet, inward drawn, restful, visionary. 
If menstruation is your home, you might value:
Solitude, spirituality, intimacy, and surrender to deeper forces. 
If you resist menstruation, try integrating:
More time for rest, space to process and let go of the old, receptivity, trust in self and trust in the unknown.


Follicular | Sprout Phase | Days 7-12
Qualities: Exuberant, outward drawn, playful, grounded.
If the follicular phase is your home, you might value:
New beginnings, initiating projects & ideas, courage, innocence & simplicity.
If you resist this phase, try integrating:
Play over pressure, your inner child, healthy selfishness,
activities that bring you joy, vulnerability.


Ovulation | Flower Phase | Days 13-20
Qualities: Sensual, outward drawn, connective, open-hearted.
If ovulation is your home, you might value:
Pleasure, romance, relationships, beauty. 
If you resist this phase, try integrating:
More softness & sensuality, heart energy, self-expression, embodiment. 


Luteal | Fruit Phase | Days 21-Bleed
Qualities: Reflective, inward drawn, clarifying, intuitive. 
If this phase is your home, you might value:
Slower-paced living, intuitive understanding, mystery, higher truth.
If you resist this phase, try integrating:
Shadow work, abundance & gratitude mindset, boundary work, honouring your true feelings, healthy anger, dream work.


So Love, where is your cycle home and how does what’s shared above land in your being? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Of course where we feel most at home in our cycle is likely to change throughout our lives, especially if we are actively integrating different aspects of ourselves and working with cycle awareness.

Knowing your home for now can give you some unique insight into you, and where you might look for resources to feed and nourish your sense of well being. 

With Love,