Organic Timing & Your Menstrual Phase


My menstrual cycle has taught me many things over the years,
but one of the best lessons has been this:
to trust the organic timing of the creative intelligence within me,
for we cannot rush our growth. 

Like plant seeds, we hold unseen potential within us,
and only through the experiences of life will we evolve and unfurl into our fullest expression, in the right environment, and in just the right timing.


Inner Winter | Seed Phase | Menstruation | Days 1-5 | Restore & Resource

With each revolution of the menstrual cycle, we journey through what I call the seeding phase. This is the most potent phase of the cycle for receiving and holding new life energy within our minds, hearts and bodies. 

In seed, we are a new beginning, and we are effortlessly renewed and resourced.

Through menstrual cycle awareness, I am remembering the organic slowness of new beginnings.

It takes big spaciousness
and a deep quality of attention and trust,
to allow something to truly grow.
This includes ourselves.

The seed phase of menstruation helped me to remember and re-embody
that growth is not always upward and onward,
but is sometimes inward. 
It is not always initiation, 
but sometimes calls for surrender. 
It is not something that we know but something we become.
The seeding phase is very nurturing, very exciting and deeply healing for every layer of our being. 

Will you allow 2022 to be the year you deepen in self-trust, live in your rhythm and connect with your wisdom?

These seeds won’t sprout overnight,
but with each cycle we embed our roots deeper and deeper in their potential, until one day, we can see, feel, touch, taste and smell what we once only envisioned.

You are so loved, and the Earth & Universe celebrate you, just as you are, and the potential you will grow into.♥

With Love,