Luteal Phase Plant Allies: Nettle & Mugwort


In the luteal/inner autumn/fruiting phase of our cycle (roughly days 21-bleed), our bones speak to us.

They speak of ancestral knowledge,
the hardiness of generations that have carried through and carried on through weathers and wars. 

They speak of the deep ache we collectively inherit from generations of buried Feminine ways; the ways which have silently sustained us in the unseen, dark inner realms of our bodies with unconditional love. 

In the inner autumn/fruiting phase, we become a little more sensitized, our skin a little more transparent, to see and to feel the weight of the messages these bones carry; the blood wisdom that has been deeply soaked through the hard structure of our soft, animal body.

As our womb weaves her walls, we grow physically and psychically laden with this wisdom and blood, stepping back from the everyday pace and into a more languid and spacious way of being that allows for dreams, visions, and symbols to be at the fore for guidance and inner counsel. 

When we deny our shifts in pace, we can experience all manner of womb-related symptoms, like what we commonly know as PMS.

It’s been some time since I’ve shared some herbal allies with you,
So today we look at 2 herbal allies for uncovering buried Feminine ways and giving power to the unseen in your dreamy inner autumn/fruiting phase.

1. Stinging Nettle
Dark green leaves with a character true to its namesake,
stinging nettle is an herb you’ll only want to get intimate with through a tea infusion. The way nettle’s leaves will slightly irritate your skin showcases the hard determination she embodies to travel deep inside to meet your bones. She soaks the bones and blood with trace minerals essential for life and the sustaining of strength: iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, boron, and strontium. Vitamins A, C, K, and B.
Stinging nettle is true nutrient-rich food for this phase. With high levels of the trace minerals above – iron and magnesium in particular – she prepares us well for the shedding of menstruation to come. A cup a day can help keep the body nourished, and pre-menstrual cramping and insomnia at bay.

You can source great, organic herbs from my favorite Canadian e-shop Organic Matters at omfoods.com. (I do not get any kickbacks from recommending OM, I simply love them). 

2. Mugwort
This crone-like, ancient healing herb has been used by women for centuries to connect with dream realms and recover the wisdom of the subconscious mind. Mugwort is known to dive deep into the psyche of the person who approaches her with reverence, bringing clarity to signs, symbols, and synchronicities from the Feminine brain and aiding dream recall. For use in dream rituals, burn a few leaves of dried mugwort before sleep, setting an intention to remember and recall your dreams. In the morning, take note of your dreams: any symbols, signs and feelings experienced, and ask mugwort to help you uncover the deeper meaning of your dreams.

Mugwort has also been known to bring on delayed menstruation and can be used mindfully as a tea infusion. Women having a difficult time letting go into their bleed can lean on the hardy, grandmother strength and wisdom of mugwort to beckon the womb tides. For these purposes, infuse the leaves of mugwort in boiled water for about 7 min. Strain and drink a few hours before bed, setting the intention to hold space for your womb to let go.


May these 2 herbal allies deeply nourish and soak into all layers of your being during this inner autumn/fruiting phase, to soothe deep aches and fortify you with remembrance. Of course, these herbs can be welcomed into one’s daily routine in any phase of the cycle, and are particularly useful in the outer autumn and winter seasons of the earth, when all beings are called to reflect and dream. 

Love to You,
Women’s Yoga Therapist + Holistic Menstrual Cycle Mentor