Could Shame Be Blocking Your Joy?


A Loving Message To Womb Owners Living With Shame & Guilt

I want to remind you of all the things that are not your fault so that you can drop the shame, guilt, and regret that block you from feeling good about yourself and start walking in the direction you desire. 

These are not your fault: 
-Having to make a difficult womb decision that didn’t seem to have any ‘good’ solutions for everyone involved
-Suffering hormonal imbalances
-Feeling shame about your body, your cycle, or anything related to being a woman
-Feeling tired, over-worked and over-extended
-Not feeling understood by professionals who are supposed to help and guide you
-Feeling completely overwhelmed as a new mom
-Feeling unable to express yourself and voice your needs
-Not being able to conceive
-Feeling incapable of having an orgasm
-Feeling completely disconnected from anything related to your femininity

This list could go on. I’m sure whatever story you’re carrying right now that feels heavy and guilt-laden could be dropped into that list. I’m so confident that none of this is your fault because, as women, we have been exiled from our bodies and our power for centuries. It’s not that our healing and our power and our wisdom haven’t been there. It’s just that modern society is built in such a way that accessing that power takes traveling the lesser-known path: the path back inward.

So let’s talk a little bit about shame and guilt, and how we can start to clear them from our system.

Shame and guilt exist as dense energy in the body. Typically, shame and guilt manifest as dense energy in the pelvis.

Dense energy leads to stagnation, feeling energetically blocked or heavy, uninspired, and unable to move forward in our lives. Dense energies create a sort of ‘split’ in our identity that keeps us living in the past. It’s important to clear shame and guilt from the body to allow energy to flow well again. When energy is flowing well, we feel energized and empowered to process our emotions as they arise; we are present and connected to our body and senses; we can access our creative energies once again, and we regain acceptance and friendliness toward all that we are.

So, how do we begin clearing shame and guilt from the body? 

In my practice with women and my own life, I’ve found that the place to begin is always simple awareness. Becoming aware of what’s present in us and choosing to stay, rather than look or run away, is the best place to start. When you stay, you learn how to become your friend. And this self-friendship is what begins to soften the shame and the guilt, and loosen their grip on our identity.

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With self-friendliness, we can begin putting difficult events or moments of our past into perspective. A healthy space is created around these events and moments that allows the energy to move again. This space gives us more room to better see ourselves and the situation as a whole. The friendliness allows us to finally listen to ourselves and hear our side of things. We can begin to hear our story and feel where it lives in the body. Hearing these stories sets them free.  

We also begin to acknowledge the stories we’ve adopted by society and the over-culture that place women in the seat of shame and blame unnecessarily. Sharing your shame stories with other women can be incredibly healing, especially in a group environment where the intention is to give voice and to ‘air out’ these stagnant and stuffy stories that are ready to dissolve. It’s incredible to witness how transformative it is to give voice and expression to our shame; calling it out is perhaps the best way to clear it out. And when a woman lets go of these stories, clearing the energy of shame and guilt from her body and pelvis, she can settle back into herself. Her spirit returns home to her body and her creative center. The weight is lifted.

It’s time to stop telling the stories of shame and guilt around womb-related events. The womb is the seat of our power, the source of our self, and it’s time we reclaim this space as sacred. Time to set our energy free and reclaim our bodies as our own, as a whole, and as a place where joy is welcome.

We can start to let go of the shame stories and weave new stories of beauty and power, together, with real education, scientific knowledge, and sacred ritual.

Are you ready for a guilt-free, womb-led life?

Sometimes, we need a little guidance and support to begin or deepen the journey. Feel free to schedule a free call with me to see how my healing services can support you, or check out the Wisdom of the Cycle Mentorship Program.

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