How is Intuition Connected to Your Womb?


Five senses turn outward to connect us with the world around us: eyes for sight, ears for hearing, nose for smelling, tongue for tasting, and skin for touching. We love these senses. They ground us, delight us and gift us this experience on earth. 

But do you develop your sixth sense? 
We all have one, and it’s not seeing ghosts!

Our sixth sense is intuition.

Intuition – or ‘inner knowing’ – is the only sense that turns inward to connect us with the inner world for guidance, protection, and inspiration.

We all have a unique intuition ‘style’ and individual ways of experiencing intuition. I wrote about this in a past blog post.

But how can we develop our intuition, daily?

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One of my favorite ways to develop intuition is attuning to the menstrual cycle.

The womb rhythms are incredibly intuitive, completely internal, and intelligent. The menstrual cycle rhythms affect the body, mind, emotions, energy field, and even our spirit. This means that paying attention to the cycle gifts us insight into all layers of our being. And, beyond that, the cycles of the womb are related also to the cycles of nature and the cosmos – all creative life cycles. What better way to tune into the wisdom of the earth and universe than through your own inner world?

Menstrual cycle awareness gives me endless insight into myself and my evolving inner world. Through the cyclical pattern of the cycle, I am both grounded and continually inspired from within. Through the rhythms of the womb, I am led by an internal guidance system that helps me to create the life I desire on the outside, too. But the best part? This internal guidance system is completely free and always has my best interests at heart. This is the mark of true intuitive wisdom.

It’s not just me though. Every woman we work with at innerswim is discovering profound things about herself and developing this sixth sense. Women are starting their entrepreneurial journey with this guidance; courageously stepping into new chapters of life, like motherhood; and healing from years of self-denial to step into an empowered, purpose-driven, and juicy life. 

What might your story be?

It’s like a muscle, you’ve got to work it!
And menstrual cycle alignment is one very powerful way to do that. 

So, I invite you to step through the inner doorway. The Wisdom of the Cycle Mentorship Program was created to support your path because maybe your relationship with your cycle is a little…complicated. And through healing this relationship, we open the doorways back to our inner knowing. 

Schedule a call with me to learn more. ♥

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