Four Common Products Effecting Your Hormones


Hey Love,

Some common, everyday products you are using may be harming your hormonal balance!

Here’s a list of a few sneaky culprits: 
-Scented candles
-Chemical cleaners

What do all of these things have in common? They are often loaded with harsh chemicals that can block and deplete hormonal production. These are also things we tend to use every single day. And as they say, your health is found in your daily routine. 

But I’m not bringing up the issue without a solution you can incorporate right now. 

There are natural options for all of these products we’re using every day.
I’ll post a few links below with some cool brands that are offering organic, non-toxic options for these. I’m not affiliated with all of these brands, but I am affiliated with Maple Organics and my line, SunPowered Soap Co. That being said, I only promote products or services I truly believe in and use myself. I share the other brands below because I just enjoy sharing information! 

For natural makeup & skincare: OMIANA and MAPLE ORGANICS

For non-toxic candles: BEE COCO CANDLE

DR.BRONNER’S for natural soaps, cleaning supplies, makeup, and more.

And for perfume, I wear essential oil blends and essential oil-scented body oil. I happen to make herbal-infused body oils myself, you can check them out here.

That’s all for now lovely. 
Protect your precious hormones!

With Love,
Women’s Yoga Therapist + Holistic Menstrual Cycle Mentor

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