Healing Through Earth Wisdom

“Our impulses of self-love, the desire to nurture ourselves, to receive pleasure and support, and our practical actions and commitments to give our body what is needs to thrive and bloom, are rooted in our connection with the Divine Mother.”
– Azra & Seren Bertrand, Womb Awakening

Nature is my biggest teacher. Everywhere I look in Nature there is true Knowing.

The animals, insects, spiders, plants…they do not forget that they are connected in a web of creation.

Only humans speak of remembrance.

I’ve been studying Nature my whole existence.

My Italian immigrant grandmother spoke broken english, which means I could understand and speak broken Italian. Now that she has been out of her body for 14 years, my Italian skills have faded and most of what I remember are brief, exclamatory phrases noticing Nature.

Words like farfallina, butterfly, are forever inscribed on my heart.

If there’s one thing I know to be true for me, it is that whenever I am in Nature, remembrance happens. It’s often a non-event…a simple and unremarkable exhale into my Being, but the contrast to being in industrialized society is stark nonetheless.

When I’m in Nature, I know my way. I see and understand my path. I feel my body and my unique essence strongly. She speaks to me so clearly.

Who is this Earth, anyway? And does she really have a soul…and if so, how might we begin to attune to that harmonious vibration again?

I write to you from an industrialized society. I never forget that Nature, our Earth, permeates every mote of existence that we experience. But there is much evidence to point to our unconscious ignorance and forgetfulness of this.

Fear and anxiety are rampant. More people have damaged sleep cycles – and thus live with chronic fatigue and overwhelm – than do not. Stress is at an all-time high and seems to be increasing each year. More and more women are experiencing physically and psychologically intense menstrual cycle difficulties and womb diseases. Our bodies seem to be chemically deteriorating…as does our Earth’s.

As Yogi’s & Yogini’s – advocates of union – it is important that we recognize the symptoms of our disconnect, our forgetfulness. The symptoms I’ve listed above are just a few of countless that could be named and are, at root, directly related to our disconnection from the Earth herself and our essential nature.

There is no one to blame. Only a remembrance to be had, and held.

Everybody will have their own personal definition and understanding of the Earth. Each of us has an intimate relationship with the Earth as organism on organism. It is really a Mother and Child union, which means exactly what we might imagine…

As a species on Earth, embodied creatures, we will forever be tethered to the Earth’s body. The Earth’s body, and our energetic roots, or grounding cords, are our source connection to nourishment, sustenance and substance. Because Earth’s body is essential food for our bodies, she is the foundation of our Being, for she has given our consciousness a home. Without her sustenance, where might our consciousness – or maybe, how might our consciousness – Be?

The Earth’s energetic field has an immense, almost unfathomable strength and vastness. Her deep frequency is ‘home base’ for our nervous system, which governs our response to Life and all life functions.

On an energetic/emotional level, our relationship to the Earth fulfills our very core human needs of unconditional love, support, safety and validation. The Earth is perfectly unconditionally loving. Although we may have the audacity to deplete her resources in our fragmented mental state, ultimately her regenerative ability will prevail. Life and Nature will always prevail. My hope is that the human species can be here to witness Life through the Earth’s many revolutions.

The Earth ripens our wisdom bodies by teaching us the invaluable lessons of cyclicality, interdependence, the multi-dimensional spectrum of beingness, and evolution. 

Earth, as the ground of our Being, is then also the source of our creativity, or our ability to dream, manifest and birth (all creations).

Our entire existence rests on this relationship. If the relationship is a healthy one, all of us will thrive. If the relationship is a harmonious one, life is blissful and limitless.

When we connect ourselves or the people in our guidance to the Earth through the practice of asana, lets say, we are recalibrating our human system to be in a state of unity consciousness again. This is our essential state. The state of primordial innocence and unshakeable peace.

Cultivating this relationship simply by being present in it, and without having to name or analyze the ever-unfolding process with our thinking minds, the subtle workings of this relationship happen, and it restores our health, harmony, liberation and evolution on every level.

“In our natural development process, we leave the womb of our human mother at the time of our birth and gradually transition our umbilical cord of connection to the womb of our Mother Earth. We eat the fruits of Gaia’s body and drink of her waters of life; her body becomes our body. The same process happens at an energetic level, as we anchor our umbilical cord and placenta into the Cosmic Womb. We are always umbilically connected to the Mother, dependent on her for life. The more we become conscious of this connection and open to receive her nourishment, the more her universal Shakti can flow through us, and the more vital and radiant we become.”
– Azra & Seren Bertrand, Womb Awakening


Jai Maa!