Ovulatory Phase & Conscious Relationship


While we dive into the energies of the ovulatory/inner summer/flowering phase (days 12-19 of your cycle), lets talk relationships.

“Intimate or romantic relationships – those relationships in which you reveal (either all at once or slowly, layer by layer) the tender and beautiful and large and small aspects of who you are to another – are fodder for our soul’s evolution. Other people act as mirrors that reflect back to us our inner self. In intimate relationships, we grow & evolve in ways that are difficult to achieve on our own. Our intimate relationships are not necessarily romantic, nor do they always last a lifetime. But all of them are necessary.” – Moon Muse 2020

I thought I had my relationships figured out; then this past year happened.

I started consciously working with my own energy body and energy field: re-learning the art of reading my own subtle energy, the energy of others, and distinguishing between the two.

Here’s part of what’s been revealed: almost all of the relationships I considered to be most intimate were really rooted in enmeshment. Enmeshment is when our vibration – consciously or unconsciously – hears or feels the vibration of another and, instead of harmonizing, attunes or reacts to it.

My relationship with myself, and therefore others, really suffered because of all of this enmeshment.

We sometimes mistake a lack of boundaries for intimacy. Intimacy is not attachment to how somebody feels (either about you or about the world), and it is not losing yourself – changing your vibration – to suit something external, like another person.

When I can be in my energy and you can be in your energy, only then can we truly begin to know each other. Only then do our hearts get to open into the deep and healing intimacy that reminds us, on a soul level, that we are not isolate beings after all. We are relational beings. We are many to a One.
And when two unique vibrations can truly hear and feel each other, and then harmonize with one another, keeping in rhythm without losing their own essential essence, like a duet – they become the Golden Pair. This is a relationship that can heal and evolve the soul of each person.

*Intimacy doesn’t always mean romantic. We can experience intimacy in platonic relationships: friendships, familial relationships, etc.

When the golden pair falls out of harmony or rhythm, it is the art of finding it again that moulds each person. Attuning to harmony, again and again, means attuning to our own energy so clearly and with such practice, that we can truly feel and see another.


The golden pair reveals the full spectrum of one another. In transparency, our intimate relationships hold up a mirror to the various shades, dimensions and aspects of our ever-shifting selves.

They hold space for one another without attachment, allowing the other to grow, evolve, breathe and be exactly how they need to be, exactly in the way that Beingness is moving through them in each moment. The golden pair are two flowers in the garden, rooted and sharing space.

The freedom to be authentic in relationship is so important for people with menstrual cycles, and it looks a bit different than for people without a cycle.

“People with menstrual cycles are like the moon, showing different faces, with varying degrees of light and darkness, through a cyclical passing of time. We are multi-faceted beings with mutable consciousness. And in this ability to shapeshift – collapsing and expanding different aspects of ourselves in rhythm with the dance of Feminine energy – is our power.

The ‘other’ who can hold space for our ever-shifting energy is our harmonious partner, in friendship or in romance.

This intimacy is rooted in our own self awareness and self study…As we begin to uncover and feel more and more of our true nature, our unique needs, our boundaries & desires, our muscle for communicating who we truly are in each phase is strengthened, and authenticity in relationships grows.”
– Moon Muse 2020

This is the inner feeling of the relationships that I wish for us all: total freedom to be authentic and to express our intricate Feminine nature.

This inner summer I encourage you to smell your own sweet perfume, feel your own unique vibration and essence, and share that with the world. This is your place of Power.

Relationships are not easy. Being human isn’t easy. If any of this was easy, we wouldn’t grow very much from it. But to share the full spectrum of life and all of its turnings with another, who also stands in sovereignty, polishes our heart of gold. It’s the alchemy of soul’s colliding, of universes uniting, of stardust burning in Love.

This is the relationship(s) that I wish for us all.

This inner summer, as you blossom out into the world exuding your own sweet perfume, how might it be to let you be you, and let them be them?

All my Love,
Wild Yogini & Mentor