Follicular Phase Plant Ally: Ashwagandha


Your follicular phase (or roughly days 5-12 of your menstrual cycle) holds the precious energy of new beginnings. Like an inner springtime.

There is often a major energetic shift here – a sudden upsurge of testosterone and estrogen as your body prepares for the abundance of inner summer to come.

New beginnings are great, but they ask a lot of our nervous system.
If we are already feeling under-nourished, under-rested or out right burnt out, this inner springtime surge can blow a fuse in our nervous system and cause a spike in our stress hormones.

This causes difficult symptoms like anxiety, emotional overwhelm, depression, or a bit of what I like to call lack of play & wonder in the spirit. 

Visualize yourself as a precious plant.
All plants require the right nutrients and the right environment in order to beckon new and strong life to grow.

The bigger you dream, the bigger the supports you must call in.

In your inner springtime you are in the metaphorical sprout stage of your cycle. 
This stage can feel very tender and vulnerable…but also full of potential and enthusiasm when our bodies and energy systems are balanced and supported. 

In short, your inner springtime calls you to tap into your resilience.

So my best piece of advice for this inner season: take care of your nervous system!

Below is one of the best plant allies you can call in to support you in this phase of your cycle. 


Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb, meaning, she will adapt her qualities to best suit your body’s current needs. I believe she will strengthen your current intentions as well. When our bodies and nervous systems feel strong and resilient, we are prepared to hold rising energies and our spirits are welcome to soar. 

If you are in need of a boost, ashwagandha will sense that in your system and strengthen your adrenals. 
If you are already in overdrive, she will sense that also and give those glands a hug to bring you back down to earth. 
Either way, she’s got you.

Because of ashwagandha’s sensitive response to our adrenal glands, she supports our endocrine system, which is responsible for hormone production. 

Calming our system and bringing ourselves back into a state of balance (or homeostasis) means we will stop producing an excess of cortisol (stress hormone) and can focus instead on producing estrogen and testosterone (sex hormones) to prepare for abundant fertility and the creative birth of our intentions in the summertime ahead!

Ashwagandha is like a wise and free-spirited guide. Her adaptability is her super power and she infuses you with a renewed sense of openness and flexibility. 

Taking care of our nervous system, she allows us to receive more and to fill ourselves up with our own pure energy again so that we can meet life in our fullness, with a fresh face.

How to Take Ashwagandha
I love combining ashwagandha and rose petals to make an infusion.
Simply scoop a tsp of ashwagandha root and 1/2 tsp of rose petals and steep for 15 min in boiled water. 

An infusion (or tea) is probably the best way to take in ashwagandha’s support.  For me, the morning is often the hardest part of the day in terms of feeling grounded in my body and at ease in my spirit. It’s no coincidence that our morning’s hold a similar energy to spring: new beginnings!

I’ll often replace my caffeinated matcha green tea with ashwagandha & rose tea on those mornings. It’s like a warm and encouraging hug for my energy body.

Where to Get Ashwagandha?
Here is my favourite source for herbs: https://www.omfoods.com/

Let ashwagandha’s gentle powers encourage the new life that is stirring in you.

A Short & Sweet Tea Meditation

If it calls to you, take a moment to hold your warm infusion between your two palms before taking your first sip. Inhale through your heart and exhale through your palms and into the infused water. Allow your deepest heart’s desires to flow from your heart into the infusion, like a loving drip-line, so that the living waters may absorb your intentions. Smell the rooty and floral aromas of the plant beings, taking in all of the thoughts and emotions that rise up through your senses. 

As you take your first sips, imagine you are drinking in your intention. 
Your intention becomes a part of you.
You embody your deepest heart’s desires. 

Happy Spring!

All my Love,