Sleep Well Yoga Nidra Series (4 Audio Downloads)



Dear Dreamers,

This Sleep Well Yoga Nidra series includes 4 separate yoga nidra practices to guide you into deep rest & sweet dreams.

Designed to not wake you up at the end, you can start the nidra recording as you settle into bed, preparing for sleep.

Yoga nidra is a practice of conscious dreaming in which we travel through brainwaves and arrive in the subconscious mind.

Through the recordings you will hear several different sounds:
My voice, the sanskrit lullaby to the Goddess of sleep (at the beginnings), wind chimes, a kalimba (thumb piano) and cricket chirping.
All of these sounds are not in the same nidra but spread throughout the series.

Upon purchase you will be sent an email with your download links. Please download all 4 nidras at the same time; they are yours to keep forever. 

If you have any questions my email is [email protected].

Sweet dreams ♥

*P.s, these yoga nidras, along with the growing library of weekly nidras, are included in the Patreon membership at $19/month. To learn more about membership options click here.