Aquarius Full Moon Energy Reading | August 1st, 2023


August is an exciting month as it begins with a Super Full Moon in Aquarius on the 1st and ends with another in Pisces (A Blue Moon) on the 30th meaning there’s a great focus on cleansing, healing, and major change.

This time of year, in the heart of Leo season, we’re gaining the confidence to shine who we truly are while brimming with new ideas on who we’re becoming. The word that comes to mind connecting these two archetypes of brave and loyal Leo with inventive and rebellious Aquarius is Authenticity, as both signs teach us to embrace what makes us stand out and to understand the unique and important part we each play in the collective. This Full Moon in Aquarius, the air sign represented by the water bearer and the Star card in Tarot, is a symbol to let our emotions flow up and out to consciously create space for our visions of a brighter future.

To truly honour a cycle would be to celebrate the closings just as lovingly as the beginnings, understanding one cannot exist without the other. To take part in what this Full Moon has to offer would be to give yourself some allotted time to reflect on what is naturally coming to an end in your life and what is excitingly beginning. Perhaps these changes and new ideas coming in are extremely apparent and welcomed, or they could not seem quite clear yet due to the increasing retrograde energy of the planets but a much-needed journaling session, a mind-clearing meditation, or talk with a friend, would be great practices for this moon.

We also have the annual 8-8 Lions Gate portal activating on August 8th which is not only helping us in manifesting these visions, but it also brings a great deal of healing energy. 8 in numerology represents abundance and this is a powerful day to remember what a creative being you are.

The astrology this month is so supportive to heal the heart and step into our sense of authenticity. Be brave, be bold, and know you have the power to change your world!

Happy Full Moon,