Outer Rhythms, Inner Harmony

The Big Moon Outside
Women have a special affinity with the moon because of our womb. The moon is an ancient symbol of femininity; waxing and waning and turning in cycles is a feminine way of being in the world.
Interestingly, many women bleed either at the new or full moon. This reveals just how connected we are to universal rhythms, specifically the pull of the tides from the big moon outside. The womb is of the water element so it’s no wonder that the inner waters of the womb swell and retract like the water’s of the oceans and the lakes with the phases of the moon.

Not everyone bleeds at the new or full moon, however. Many women are not experiencing a regular cycle at all. Either way, noting the current phase of the outer moon and relating that energy back to the current phase of the inner moon is a sweet practice.
Below is a guide to tracking the phases of the moon and the corresponding energy as proposed by astrologers:

New Moon ~ Time to set intention
Waxing Crescent ~ Momentum
First Quarter ~ Instinct
Waxing Gibbous ~ Analysis & synthesis
Full Moon ~ Celebration & release
Waning Gibbous ~ Transmutation
Third Quarter ~ Reaping & reflecting
Waning Crescent ~ Rest & reconnect

As you start to follow the phases of the moon and the energy that each phase carries, you might notice that your womb and the moon are actually cycling in sync! Maybe you bleed under the dark moon, the full moon…or perhaps you bleed under a different phase, but each time that phase draws nearer you know to prepare for your bleed. 

I have loved the moon from the first day I laid eyes on her luminescence. I often talk to the moon the way I would talk to a wise grandmother – a being I respect, honour and trust to guide me. We all have spirit guides that support us throughout our lives; know that the moon is one of them, and she is always there for you to listen to your deepest feelings. When you are feeling confused, lost or isolated, talk to her. Be willing to surrender your worries and to listen. When you feel frustrated with the patriarchal world, talk to her and let her ancient knowings wash over you, reinitiating you into cyclical wisdom. Our eternal connection to her means that our womb speaks fluently in her language.
Ultimately, when our menstruating years come to a close, having developed an intimate relationship with the moon, we can look to her cycles to guide our inner life and keep us held in the container of cyclical wisdom.

The Sun Signs
The sun has its own cyclical pattern. It moves through 12 astrological signs a year. Each sign is associated with one element. I find that the simplest practice of astrology is to note which sign the sun is in and the corresponding element. For instance, we are now in Gemini season. Gemini is an air sign, which means it is a good time to get creative, build on your ideas, practice mental work like meditation or writing, etc. I find that the sun signs allow me to organize, to understand and to find balance in my life.

Capricorn Season ~ Earth ~ December 21-January 20
Aquarius Season ~ Air ~ January 20-February 18
Pisces Season ~ Water ~ February 19-March 20
Aries Season ~ Fire ~ March 21-April 19
Taurus Season ~ Earth ~ April 20-May 20
Gemini Season ~ Air ~ May 21-June 20
Cancer Season ~ Water ~ June 21-July 22
Leo Season ~ Fire ~ July 22-August 22
Virgo Season ~ Earth ~ August 23-September 22
Libra Season ~ Air ~ September 22-October 22
Scorpio Season ~ Water ~ October 23-November 22
Sagittarius Season ~ Fire ~ November 22-December 22

Earth Energy ~ Grounded, stable, sensational
Air Energy ~ Light, mutable, intellectual
Water Energy ~ Fluid, adaptable, emotional
Fire Energy ~ Hot, quick, transformative

Nature’s Seasons
And of course…the rhythms of mother earth herself. In our modern world, a more masculine approach to life (that is, creating and producing in a linear fashion) has overshadowed the feminine power of cyclical wisdom. This cyclical wisdom teaches us that there is a time to plant and a time to harvest; a time to give and a time to let go. Nature does not move in a straight line; she moves in circles, and so do we. Honouring her rhythms and honouring our own inner rhythms is one and the same practice.

Here are some key words that I love to describe the energy of each outer season:

Spring ~ Awakening, beginning, growing, nurturing, marrying, opening
Summer ~ Wandering, thriving, communing, blessing
Autumn ~ Harvesting, returning, rooting, releasing, dreaming
Winter ~ Centering, illuminating, resting, being, listening

Because we are now in spring, I have been focusing on planting metaphorical seeds for my future. Questions like ‘what would I most love to create?’ ‘What projects would I most love to initiate?’ and ‘How can I best nourish myself?’ have been arising.
By noticing the earth’s rhythms, what do you discover about the nature of your own inner seasons?

Happy Cycling!

All my Love,