Sagittarius Season November 22, 2022 – December 21

This exciting fire season begins November 22, 2022, not just with wonderful numerology (11-22-22) symbolizing focus on the relationship with ourselves but the much needed warmth and fun we need after Scorpio’s transformations.

During the sign of the scorpion, the seasons change, and our outer and inner worlds become challenged. Our attention gets laser-focused on what in our life is no longer serving us. We hone in on our finances, experience at least one day of a strong emotional outburst (insert yours here), and reflect on what ‘deaths’ needed to occur to create space for new paths ahead that call to us.

Now that the Sun makes its annual visit to the sign of the Adventurer – we have a season ahead full of travel, deeper spirituality, and living from our truth. Ruled by the planet Jupiter (which currently is retrograde in Pisces) a lot of emphasis on our dreams is in the stars.

All of the Sag’s I’ve had the pleasure to meet do things in their own time, at their own schedule. They’re somehow nonchalant yet live some of the most intense lives with amazing stories. They lead with their hearts and are constantly learning – reminding us to always be a student during this experience called life.

The New Moon on November 23 – just one day into the season – will begin our journey.
Planting seeds such as enrolling in online courses, diving into a spiritual practice, starting research on how to grow your business, or finding more time for fun and fulfillment and letting that lead you.

With Mars, the planet of action still in retrograde until January, we’re asked to work smarter not harder. To slow down and allow the energy that we’ve been putting out into the world over the past year, (our hopes, ideas, and dedications) to find its’ way back to us in the forms of new opportunities and awakening moments.

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Sagittarius is the last time the sun will be in a fire sign for the year – putting emphasis on the light within us that will carry us through until the spring/astrological new year. Our why, our purpose, our hearts greatest desire is not always something we can achieve overnight but it is something we can choose every day to take one greater step towards.

For all of the signs this month it’s about gaining a new perspective on life. Can you find a new faith this month that will guide you into Capricorn season, the winter solstice – ready to celebrate and begin to build?


Many Blessings,

Ritual for the New Moon: How do you connect to “God” or the Higher-Self?

Maybe it’s yoga, meditation, knitting, or running. Maybe it’s through prayer, a mantra, or pulling an oracle card with a beautiful message. However you connect – make time for that on the days around the New Moon

Connect with the fire element by:
Lighting a candle or incense
Stringing up lights around your home symbolizing the light that comes after the dark
Trying a new hot yoga class or other physical activity
Drinking warm tea with a friend that lights you up
Meditating on the Solar Plexus – that Inner Sun – our place of confidence and intuition
Doing that thing that you keep saying “that would be so fun” that you keep putting off

“A new path awaits me”
“All areas of my life are expanding”
“I believe in my dreams and am worthy of the life I desire”