Libra Full Moon Energy Reading | April 6th, 2023


The Full Moon in Libra peaks on April 6th, bringing balance back into our lives as we’ve been working hard to pioneer towards a new self. 

As an Aries, and in Aries nature, I loudly welcomed this season naively predicting only celebration and warmer spring days excited to step into a newer version of myself. Although there has been much to celebrate,  I definitely overlooked the challenges and real work that actually comes with creating change within. 

Pushed by this fiery and bold energy, the path of change can leave us feeling quite vulnerable and emotional as we navigate from our old self to the new. Fire cleanses and clears with heat and power and guides us with strength towards what is needed for our highest good. It’s all necessary for healing and beginning anew but can also be overwhelming as we’re catapulted out of our comfort zones.

This Libra Full Moon comes in to give us a culmination point, a time to see the beauty in the breakdown. An energy that says “you’ve made it halfway, how do you feel?”. Libra is also a social sign that connects us to our relationships and how we care for others. I can definitely say throughout this season of rebirth that my relationships have strengthened with the people I’ve discovered I can truly count on. 

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 If this Aries season has felt like the first week of personal training sessions that have kicked your butt for the better, this moon is here to help us soften, get some air, and find harmony in our pursuit. A Yin, feminine energy amidst all this masculine, it’s a reminder to balance it out. If you’ve been working really hard, if you’ve been healing and implementing, make some time for play and socializing with friends that elevate you. Libra is about beauty and the finer things so reward yourself for the energy you’ve put into sprouting your dreams and invite in those self-care practices that soothe the soul. 

As we travel further into April we’ll continue our journey with a second New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse (called a Black Moon) that opens the portal to the new life we’re calling in. Just a day after the eclipse, Mercury goes retrograde to assess the ways we communicate followed by a sign change to practical and Earthy Taurus.

In the week of writing this article the weather here in Ontario has snowed, hailed, rained, thundered and warmed up with Sun mirroring back how complicated and confusing this season can be. I hope this Full Moon brings you fun, peace, and softens any heaviness on your heart. May it remind you that you are fully supported in any weather you face. 

Happy Full Moon!