Scorpio Full Moon | Energy Reading | May 5th, 2023


Throughout Aries season, there was a lot of fiery, action-oriented energy; we sprouted and stretched out from our winter resting places inviting new ideas of “Who am I and what do I want in this life?”. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 20th opened this portal of opportunity for us, and in some ways, a doorway to the heart – where the true self lives. 

Now in mid-Taurus season, we can see buds and blooms of the seeds we planted. Ruled by Venus, Taurus gives us time to practice some inner work, maybe take a nap, and nourish the parts of ourselves that could need a little soothing. Still in Mercury Retrograde until May 15th, the energy is slow and internal; we may not be able to rely on our mind as much, now cloudy with retreat, leaving the heart as our place of confirmation.


The Full Moon in Scorpio shining on May 5th is a Lunar Eclipse. On the other side of the portal, we’ll arrive at a greater understanding of what is holding us back: rules, structures, and limiting beliefs that, although once served us, are now asking for a release so you can call in more love and trust for this newer version of yourself that’s coming through. 

Scorpio brings us to the depths of our emotional self, our shadow side, and our subconscious programming, and the Taurus Sun shines love and acceptance upon the embedded fears, old wounds from the past, but also our source of power. There are 3 things Scorpio and Taurus agree upon and that is managing your finances, taking some time out to retreat, and allowing yourself to feel pleasure and joy. 

So during this Full Moon, which could energetically be felt for a few weeks, give yourself time to rest, restore, and also find a creative expression for these emotions to come up and out. Reflect upon where you are living from a place of fear rather than pleasure and joy.

Are there fears that you need to express and in turn is there joy that you’re holding back from? Can you find that sweet spot where you can feel it all yet stand in your power, loving the whole experience? Can you take yourself a little less seriously, lighten the intensity, and play? 

I find this water energy during an earth sign season can sometimes make us feel soaked down and heavy, but also give us a place to create from while keeping one foot on the ground. By the Taurus New Moon on May 19th, we will have cleared some of the psyche away, Mercury will be stationed direct giving momentum to these hidden ideas, and we’ll be days away from Gemini season, just itching to communicate the great new plans we’ll have for ourselves. 

So many sunny days to come. 

Happy Full Moon!